183 Helen

Helen (53 yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty -1 8th November Batch no: FK9414-D00136
2nd dose:COVID19 Comirnaty -2 15th December Batch no: FK9414-D00150

I was mandated in October and reluctant to get the jab however, I ended up going ahead with it as it was causing my husband stress at the thought of me losing my income, I also loved my job as a teacher and didn’t want to lose it.

By the time I went for my first jab I had made peace with the idea and had a friend go with me.

I had my first jab at 9.30am on November 8th. I felt fine during the morning, met with a friend and we spent the morning together and then went out for lunch.

Around 2pm I was starting to feel dizzy, so I drove home.

I arrived home and the dizziness worsened; my throat felt swollen so that I was having difficulty swallowing. I could swallow only when drinking water. I lay down and tried to relax but the symptoms got worse and I began to shake uncontrollably in my arms and legs and face. I also felt very nauseous. I began to feel like I couldn’t get enough air and felt an intense pressure on my chest.
I went to the local medical center around 5pm and was checked by the nurse who took pulse, temperature, oxygen, blood pressure etc. and gave me a cup of tea.
These symptoms continued for the next 2 hours, and the shaking would intensify sporadically. They continued to monitor my heart rate, blood pressure and regularly used the oximeter. They continued to reassure me and said that everything was normal, but my heart felt like it was racing. I was in such a state that I didn’t ask what these readings were.

I saw the doctor at around 7.30pm and she told me that everything was normal, and I was having a panic attack and to go home and rest for 2 days. She told me she also worked in Emergency department at the local hospital and had seen many people who were reluctant to have the vaccine with similar symptoms to mine. I had never had a panic attack in my life before and I certainly didn’t feel fine.

The next 7 days I spent with the ongoing shortness of breath, pressure on my chest, dizziness and lightheadedness, weakness and complete exhaustion where I was unable to perform normal everyday tasks.

I went back to work after 7 days but continued to feel lightheaded and dizzy and would be so exhausted that I would get home and sleep for 2 hours. This continued and I would have to sleep during the day, or I would become so exhausted that I would have to take a day off work to recover.
I also experience ongoing leg twitching so that when I came to lift my leg up it didn’t always move.

Since the first vaccine I am unable to tolerate caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine causes me to get the shakes and lightheadedness (I have never experienced this before) and a half glass of wine gives me a full-blown hangover the next day.

On the 15th December after my last day at work I went for my 2nd Jab.

I experienced all the same symptoms as the first time but the pain and pressure on my chest was worse. The following day I called Healthline and they said to go and get an ECG. I went to my local medical center again and they did an ECG and full bloods and said everything was normal. I asked what the pressure on my chest was and the doctor gave me a name, which I don’t remember but described it as an inflammation of the chest caused by stress and anxiety.

Two doctors have now told me my reaction ‘…was probably because I was reluctant to get the jab and that they are seeing many people like myself who were reluctant to get the jab with these symptoms’

In January on holiday, I went hiking for the day and after an hour I felt dizzy, experienced pressure in my chest, breathlessness, exhaustion leading to my legs not always responding. I had to be picked up and could not complete the hike, normally I could easily have walked for 4-5 hours no problem.

On returning home I went back to the doctor and asked about the ongoing fatigue, chest pressure, dizziness and exhaustion and they did further blood tests to rule out EBV and CMV. When the bloods came back negative for these, they put a CARM report in stating fatigue post covid vaccine. When I asked about all the other symptoms, they said there was nothing to prove there was anything wrong with me and what did I want them to do.

I went back at work part time but was so exhausted by the end of each day.

I experienced so much pressure from my place of work who continued to push for me to give a date when I could return to work full time and were still requiring the booster that in November 2022 I resigned.

I continue to have:

* chest pain
* breathlessness
* rapid heart beat
* light headedness, weakness, dizziness
* extreme fatigue