184 Pippa

Pippa (22yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
2nd dose:COVID19 Comirnaty

I am a 22-year-old female who works as a podiatrist.

I was mandated to get jabbed and was refused an exemption by Chris Hipkins.

I got blood tests before and after each jab. They showed no issues initially, this changed after getting my first jab and got worse with the second.

Within 2 hours of the 2nd jab all my joints were in excruciating pain. I saw a doctor the next day who prescribed strong painkillers. Blood tests sometime later showed inflammation and unusual phosphorus levels.

I had to fight to get my reaction reported to CARM by the doctor, but never heard back from them.

Over time joint pain reappears often. After a year I insisted the doctor update my report in CARM to say the symptoms are ongoing. I still get joint pain when stressed and tired. Also, I get stomach pain and regular headaches.

Thank you for caring about my story

Kind regards