186 Fiona

Fiona (60 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech 24th August 2021 Batch No: FE8163 – 001
Dose 2: Pfizer Comirnaty 6th November 2021

I took this jab as i was threatened that I’d lose my job as a care worker in my community of 27yrs. Which in the end I did lose my job as i was too scared to take the 2nd jab due to still ongoing Adverse Reaction from the first jab.

My Adverse Reaction happened the very next morning I woke to my alarm at 4:45am to go to the gym before I start my working day.

I couldn’t move to turn my alarm off, due to the pain in my arms, it was extreme. I soon realized every time I moved the pain was all over my body, mostly arms and legs. Eventually I forced myself through the pain to grab my phone, turn my alarm off and ring my girlfriend who came right away.

Long story short, this pain lasted over a year. Not only did I suffer pain I suffered nausea, burning sensation, numbness, out of breath, instantly forget things, had trouble thinking, suffered exhaustion and fatigue and very emotional.

Further down the track my left wrist gave away and I couldn’t use it for some time as well as my knees, this was dreadful pain.

My friend took me to the doctor who did not believe at this stage was due to the jab. She gave me pain relief which didn’t work. I was going to the Dr 3 times a week at times.

I reported this to CARM but never heard back.

I Applied to ACC… they dumped me on the grounds that my injury was not visual. I questioned this saying no one had come to see me, can’t argue with them.

In desperation I got hold of NZDSOS where I got help. My girlfriend also took me to Wellington the protest to see if we could find help and we did. I had exhausted the medical avenue as DR say…they dont know what to do.

Today my pain has gone, it’s been a long stressful and scary journey and a financial one too due to not being able to work as I now need a hip replacement. I still suffer fatigue and have to stop and rest before carrying on with everyday chorus around home.

My life before all this was an active one, working and going to the gym 5 days a week for the last 8yrs before I had the jab. I was reasonably fit and strong for my age.

Today I’m not that. I have been fortunate to have help from healers and I am so grateful for the friends that stuck around and helped me dress etc when I couldn’t do those things. I’m so lucky to be here, to be alive. It’s been and still is a struggle and extremely stressful.