189 Joel

Joel (29 yrs)

Dose 1 (COVID19 Comirnaty -1) – FL1072-001
Dose 2 (COVID19 Comirnaty -2) – FL1072-002

I’m a 29-year-old male with a track record of high health.

I experienced weird things happening with my heart a year after the second injection. I had very high heart rates sitting down. I remember going for a run and I couldn’t get a block away without feeling like I was going to pass out. Fuzzy feeling in my limbs while falling asleep, as if there was no circulation in my extremities. Chest pains persist now but thankfully they’ve mellowed out and remain the only real symptom of injury.

I went to the ER twice at the start of the year and they found nothing, though being familiar with Pierre Kory’s work I was a bit skeptical of the negative results of a blood test and scan.Went to the doctor once but they were dismissive. I understand the difficulty for doctors in acknowledging emergent data when they need to rely on their professional skill with lives at stake, but unfortunately a lot of would-be patients have been left without recourse. I also know that I can’t definitively blame my heart concerns on the mRNA injections, but these issues have been out of the blue for someone like me who gets exercise, eats right, gets sun, and stays spiritually healthy. Bizarre and I hope treating myself and my body right will sustain a regularly long life.

I will add that I knew getting the injections was wrong. I had been following Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying and others in their circle online. The way they went about elucidating their process of understanding was much more transparent than the propagandistic approach our government took, which contrarily left out the vital pieces of information that would constitute something approximating informed consent. I could list the benefits of vitamin D and natural immunity for a start – the latter of which the CDC had public information on. NZ media, however, opted to continue cherry-picking data from that very institution which served the end of convincing NZ citizens to receive booster shots.

Due to various social factors, I conceded and took the injections. After getting the second one I walked out of the clinic furious, knowing I had crossed a line in my own integrity. What a situation! It turned out to be an inoculation of an entirely different kind – I am now much more aware of the importance of aligning my actions with my convictions. Real world consequences will surely play out downstream of actions. One must strengthen himself so that his internal compass may stay true!