190 Juergen

Juergen (55 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer Comirnaty 15th November 2021 Batch: FH4752-00128
Dose 2: Pfizer Comirnaty 12th February 2022 Batch: FK0738-000204

Willing to appear personally for a verbal submission.

1st Vaccination:

Not mandated but pressured. I felt very pressured to do the “right thing” for the viability of my business, for the ability to be open to my customers, and for the safety of my family.

Onset of symptoms 3 days later – chest discomfort increasing to stabbing chest pains; 8 days later to hospital ED ECG showed signs of Pericarditis; hospital noted it as vaccine injury and reported it to CARM.

CARM never contacted me, and I am not aware of them confirming the receipt.

First cardiologist didn’t support the diagnosis made by the hospital ED. Blessed that my GP was supportive though; put through a claim to ACC and applied for an exemption which was granted for 6 months.

Repeat blood tests and ECGs. Normal results. Chest pain is ongoing. Onset of neurological or circulation issues.

Gaslighted by one doctor – basically saying I have nothing; it’s just in my mind; and that I would be irresponsible and be putting my daughter at risk if I don’t get the 2nd jab. So about 3 months after my first jab and despite the exemption I went for the 2nd jab.

2nd Vaccination:

4 days later chest pain intensifies. Self-requested a D-Dimer blood test. Considerably elevated. GP sent me straight to hospital, but no cause found.

On top of the constant chest pains, ever increasing neurological pain. Numerous visits to specialists, GP and ED.

6 months after the 1st Vaccination: cardiac MRI – result: Myocarditis; ACC accepted the claim.

To date, one and a half years later, I am still battling chest pains, circulation and nerve pain on a daily basis. The numbness and burning ice cold pain in my limbs gets increasingly worse as it affects more and more areas of my body.

I have very little stamina. Am tired most of the time. Can’t work. Can’t manage more than a short light walk. I was healthy prior to the vaccine.