192 Suzie

Submission by Suzie on behalf of her son who was 15 years old at the time of vaccination

Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech 1st December 2021
Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech January 2022

My submission is about my son. His age at the time of his Covid19 vaccinations was 15.

He had his 1st in December 2021. My husband was very keen for him to have it; however, I was not as I had researched Dr Peter McCullough and other doctors and knew it was not the right thing to do for a fit healthy young male teenager. His chosen sport was mandated and there was a national level competition on 4 March 2022 that he was desperate to play in. I had also rung our local GP about it and she had said it was fine for him to have it. She rang me one day and asked why I hadn’t brought my son in to have it and I said because I didn’t feel it was the best thing for him, she then asked to speak with him, I said “well as I am his guardian why would you want to speak with him?” She said “as he is over 14 he can make his own decision.”. He was at school online as we were in a lockdown and I asked if he wanted to speak with and he said “no”. She was very pushy with it. I was amazed she had even rung, as usually doctors never ring their patients unless it is something very serious. It disturbed me. I said she might want to do some investigating regarding Dr Peter McCullough’s findings.

She sent me a text saying she had found information and when he has it he should not exercise at all for 10 days. This, in itself, I found disturbing.

Due to the mandate of his sport and his dad wanting him to have it and the pressure of not being able to do anything with his friends he decided he had no choice. He had planned a few days away with friends and some parents to visit an Island and stay in doc huts, but he couldn’t go at that time as you had to be vaccinated to stay in Doc huts. He didn’t want it himself but felt there was no alternative but to get it.

I took him to the local medical centre where a nurse injected him while we sat in the car, which I found ludicrous as well. I had all sorts of remedies on hand to help if he didn’t feel good. I felt totally sick as a mother doing this.

My son told me a few days later he had had chest pains. He hadn’t told me sooner as he didn’t want to upset me. We went to the doctor when he told her exactly what happened and again, I felt just overwhelmed with anger listening to what he said. He told her he had had chest pains the day after the vax and they were severe, lasting up to 2 minutes at a time. She did an ECG and said there was an irregularity and asked if there were heart issues in the family – to which I replied “No, there is nothing, it is obviously a reaction to the vax”. She didn’t think it was but said we should see a Cardiologist which would take a while on the public system. We had no health insurance, but I didn’t care. I wanted my son to be looked after. I rang the Auckland Heart Group and spoke with a lady and explained the situation. She said they had had so many people from very young right through to elderly needing to see cardiologists that she couldn’t understand why it wasn’t all over the news. She was very efficient, and we were booked in that week.

We went and he had an Echocardiogram, heart scan and a thorough check by the cardiologist who stated “it was an adverse reaction to the vaccine but your heart is fine and you can go and get your next one, it will help build your immune system””.
I was astounded at what he said but my son was so happy that his heart was all fine that I didn’t want to “scare him further” by speaking about it.

He duly went for his second in January. I didn’t take him as I couldn’t even bear the thought of him having another one. He was extremely fatigued after the 2nd and ended up with severe acne within a day of having it. His whole back was covered in acne which he had never had before. Again, I tried not to make too much of it as he was so upset with all the acne on hie face.

He went back to his sport and ended up suffering a severe injury which I know was mainly because he was so fatigued and went back too soon after having the 2nd vax. He said he was really tired all the time. So, we spent a great deal of money on supplements to try and help, and on dermatologists and finally went to the Cannabis Clinic and they put him on medicinal cannabis which is very expensive. Just the cardiologist was $1,300. He had a lot of acupuncture as well. He ate the cleanest diet possible and lots of detox teas. It took a long time and a lot of money to get him right.

It makes me incredibly angry that our Government mandated an experimental gene therapy which was never tested for transmission or safety. Vaccines take years to produce for safety reasons. People need to be held liable for all the harm they have caused and the financial burden all these totally unnecessary awful and so harmful vaccines.have put on New Zealanders.

My other son who had both of his at the age of 21, suffered terribly after his 2nd losing so much weight due to not being able to eat, he was very scared and moved back home. I remember him coming into me at 2.30am one morning because he was so concerned for himself. We spent a great deal of money on him as well to get him to better health. As a mother the whole Covid19 mandate of injections has been a complete nightmare.

Kindest regards