194 Hayden


Pfizer # 1: Unknown

I am 37 years old and have 3 children, with my youngest nearly 3. I drive diggers for a job and had no existing health conditions prior to the vaccine.

I never wanted the vaccine, but my work was going toward mandating it, so I had one Pfizer vaccine in my left arm in November 2021. I felt coerced into it, and it wasn’t a nice feeling going against what I wanted to do. The company I worked for then ended up doing a survey and the feedback was that many didn’t want it and they would’ve lost a lot of staff, so they didn’t mandate it in the end. It was because of this, that I only ever had the one vaccine.

I didn’t have any immediate side effects, however, in December of 2021, I developed a bruise at the injection site, which was very random as I hadn’t knocked it and I don’t bruise very often. Then in January, a bruise come up on my upper thigh, then another on my knee over a couple of weeks, so I went to the doctor about it. The doctor tried to tell me it was a pinched nerve and had brushed me off when I tried to ask about whether it could be from the vaccine. I left without any answers, and the bruises eventually went away.

In November 2022, my right arm went dead, I was struggling to use it and it was really painful. I googled my symptoms and it had said blood clot, so I went straight away to A&E. After a 13 hour wait to be seen, they took bloods and did an ultrasound on my right arm. They confirmed I did have a blood clot in my arm, and I was admitted for monitoring. I was given Rivaroxaban blood thinners, and Morphine for the pain. They cleared me to leave after four days without doing any other tests. I left with a prescription for Rivaroxaban which was given at a higher dose initially and later it was knocked back to a lower dose.
I felt pissed off, the more research I did, the more I found people with the same issues, and it pointed to the vaccine. I went back to work a couple of days after getting out of hospital and in my first week back, my arm swelled up again and was painful plus I also developed shortness of breath, so went back to A&E. After a couple of hours wait, they admitted me again, did bloods and a CT scan with contrast. The results showed 6 clots in my lungs – 3 in each. They wanted me to stay in, but I hate hospitals, so I left later on that night with the Rivaroxaban blood thinners. I had a follow up appointment with a specialist a couple of months after that, around the end of February/beginning of March 2023 and was given another ultrasound. The clots were still in my arm but have decreased in size. The lady who did the ultrasound asked me what I thought might have caused them – I told her the vaccine. She said that 12 months ago she would not have agreed with me, but with what she’s seen, she 100% agrees. The specialist advised me to stay on the blood thinners until November 2023, then I’ll need to make the decision whether to come off them and risk getting another clot, OR whether to continue on them, but risk bleeding out if I have any type of accident. I’m not yet sure what I will do.

I’m good and back at work now, but I am just pissed off at having to go through this knowing that I’d had the vaccine and have been seeing others getting crook from it too. If I’d had the clots without having had the vaccine, I know I’d feel very different about it.