196 Janeen

Janeen age 46


Was made to get it to keep my job I couldn’t afford to lose my job

Symptoms became very noticeable after second vaccination and now are a daily occurrence I live with

I’m currently under a cardiologist and have now been diagnosed with ectopic beats these happen sporadically every day now I have never felt these before up in till the second vaccine then I started noticing flutters just light ones which I ignored for a while these started a few weeks after the second shot. I presented to the doctor only mid last year to check them he checked for heart attack but said no Risk from an enzyme test he did. He didn’t follow up with any more tests even though I mentioned flutters and sometime pain (he wasn’t my normal doctor, who I trusted, as he was away)

The latest run of ectopic beats went for just under two hours which I was actually able to video to show the beats in my chest to my doctor who referred me to a cardiologist. He has said they are ectopic beats and that I have joined the heart club of over 7 million around the world. However I have never had this issue up until the second jab and now it’s daily occurrence but for much shorter periods and sometime longer.

I was made to get the vaccine as was in education at the time I did not want it at all but I couldn’t afford to lose my job so went ahead. It seems strange up until then I was medically fine to now this electrical issue happening in the heart .

I feel them every day more so when at rest they are really noticeable makes me tired a little out of breath and a bit panicky when they happen but am learning to accept them as staying and something I now have to deal with. I’m a little scared as to what they might become but now try to push it to the back of my mind so I don’t panic as the cardiologist said I won’t die from it I will die with it !!

Not nice I’m adamant it’s from the vaccine.

I’m not against vaccines never had been, but this one I just wanted to have a choice and my choice was no but I was made to get it