200 Vanessa


Thank you for giving us a voice when no-one else would.

The following is my Covid Vaccine adverse event story for the parliamentary submission:

My adult daughter aged 29 had no choice in getting the Covid Vaccine, she is a single mum who had just signed up to an online ECE course when the mandate came in. She was desperate to get a job to get off benefits and get into work to improve life for her daughters and herself.

Immediately after getting her first vaccine she started getting severe headaches and a twitch in one eye, it has now started in the other eye as-well. When she gets her headaches she sometimes gets a feeling of something popping in her head followed by dizziness, blurred vision and feeling like she is going to pass out. She sometimes experiences the feeling of something crawling in her skull.

Since the day of the vaccine she has had diarrhoea every time she eats or drinks.

She has chest pain which gets worse when she tries to do anything. It was so bad she ended up having to go to the emergency room, they did an ECG and blood tests but because she didn’t present with the usual symptoms of a heart problem they said they didn’t know what was causing it and said there was nothing they could do and she was sent home afraid and in pain, the doctor wrote on her discharge notes that it was probably vaccine related.

She also has a feeling of something moving inside her legs. She has a constant feeling of dread and believes she is going to die soon. Before the vaccine she was always well and never had to take as much as a paracetamol. It is extremely hard watching my daughter going through this and I am scared everyday, every time I can’t contact her I start picturing her on the floor and her two young children crying for their mum.

It has been very traumatic for us all and it is never ending. All she gets when she tries to talk to medical professionals is more gaslighting.

To top it off my husband was also mandated to have the vaccine and he has suffered with extreme fatigue ever since.

We have no trust in the medical profession anymore.