201 Maree

Maree B

38 years old

Pfizer Vaccine


I Worked for Auckland City Council, I was coerced into having my first Vaccination on 11th December.


Saturday, 11th December, 2021. Injected at 2.20 pm.  Right side of arm

While in the waiting observation time, I felt tightness in chest, was told to wait a bit longer, then told I was good to go. Waited 30 minutes. Driving home, felt numbness on the left side of face, and tongue, which went away by the night.

Next day, my chest was tight, but it wasn’t severe.

Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th December.

Very tight chest, heavy feeling. Hard to breathe. Stabbing pain, front and back, right side of chest. Inside of right arm, painful. Skin very sensitive, all the way to fingers. Woke up feeling the need to gasp for air.

Wednesday 15th December 2021

Went to GP, Had ECG done and bloods. Explained the pain, breathing, and stabbing pain, sore arm sensitive skin. Dr Thought it was a  pulled muscle (doesn’t feel like a pulled muscle)


Thursday 16th December 2021

Called helpline, as chest still very tight. Told to go to Bakersfield. Doctor said it’s normal and sent me on my way. Said to still get the second vaccine.

Friday 17th December 2021

Spots starting to show in armpit, inside of arm and up the back.


Saturday 18th December 2021,

More spots showing up. Some tightness in chest – more so after short walk at home. Had to rest after lifting a few lambs over a gate. Tremors started at night.


Sunday 19th December 2021,


Went to Middlemore hospital as chest pain and breathing was a struggle. Did bloods and ecg and stayed overnight – released next morning with meds.

One junior cardiologist was quite concerned with slight irregularities on the ECG, chest tightness and stabbing pains while breathing, and ordered clotting tests because he was concerned about lungs as well, because at the top of  breathing in, and bottom of the breathing out, would get that stab pain.

Dr Chris HOPKINS cancelled the clotting test because he said, “It’s all in my head, and people like that are prone to placebo effect”

The hospital really didn’t want to know about anything other than the shingles they could see and couldn’t deny. One doctor admitted that Comirnaty was sometimes followed by shingles


Tuesday 21st December 2021,

Okay most of the day, but the pain from shingles still quite high.


Fell asleep in afternoon – woke up tight neck/throat. Chest tight, hard to get breath. Light headed. Slight blurry vision while heading to Middlemore hospital yet again.


Blood ECG done – said they were all normal. Different meds given. Improved while there – sent home.


Wednesday 22nd December 2021.

With meds, chest is more relaxed. First night sleep since being injected. Arm and skin still sensitive. Shingles starting to bubble.


Shortness of breathe through the whole time. Unable to carry out normal day to day jobs without feeling the need to catch breath.


During this whole time I was in communications with my Employer, and keeping them informed of what was going on and if I was able to have an exemption. This request was denied.


It was 5 weeks until I started to feel normal again.