203 Alecia


1st dose: Pfizer BioNTech 15th October 2021 Batch No: FJ8372-003
She was 32 years old, a new mother 11 weeks prior and had spent all but the first 5 days in lockdown in Auckland. She got to the point where she believed from the Prime Minister, that without the vaccine she would not be allowed out of Auckland to bring her baby home to Tauranga, which she was desperate to do.

She was my daughter, she died 12 days after being given the vaccine from a burst brain aneurysm.

My daughter was totally shamed when she arrived at Auckland Hospital ED with a killer (literally!) headache. The receptionist greeted her with words to the effect of “What are you doing here, and why have you brought a baby with you? We have COVID cases here.” She had my daughter in tears, and she had taken the baby, as baby had only ever been breastfed, and she knew the ED waits were so long that she couldn’t leave the baby. With such a frosty reception Alecia contacted me and said she shouldn’t stay in ED as there were Covid patients there and she was terrified by now. I told her in no uncertain terms that she must stay there, and not to worry about Covid, which she did. Then only 3 hours later she collapsed and had a cardiac arrest.

In addition to my daughter’s death, this year my grandson was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (an auto-immune disease). He had basically become a walking skeleton since being given the Pfizer near the end of 2021. The poor child was fading away and had near zilch energy levels.

My grandson was happy to have the Pfizer as without it he was banned from playing any sports or doing activities with his friends. His parents thought they were “doing the right thing”.

I was disgusted listening to several mothers at my workplace discussing how their children WANTED to have the vaccine for the sole reason that they could then continue to play their sports. Ages between about 8 to 14. What a con for young children!
His reaction wouldn’t be viewed by the medical professionals as being a vaccine injury, however Covid vaccine injuries have been proven to cause autoimmune diseases.