204 Noel

Noel (58 Yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech
Dose 2: Pfizer BioNTech
Dose 3: Pfizer BioNTech

Mandated by my employers.

After the first shot I noticed how fatigued I felt and nauseated, this has continued right up to this day.

Then after the second shot I noticed my hands and arms had lost a lot of strength. I was still working at this point so had to go along and get a booster.

After the booster, I noticed 2 weeks later how much I had deteriorated and lost all the strength in my hands and forearms altogether. I was unable to control anything, kept dropping things and was unable to drive properly (now using my wrists to direct the steering wheel).

Subsequently I have been off work since February.

My arms have spasms, and they do involuntary movements which I have absolutely no control over, or know when this is going to happen. I will even be woken at night after my arm shoots up and hits me in the face. I call it a form of Tourette’s.

I also have numbness in my lower back, in my face and left side.

This has had a financial impact obviously and I have exhausted all of my finances. I am on a work and income benefit (sickness) not ACC. I have driven for a living for over 40 years and earned a decent living, so to find myself in this position is very devastating and embarrassing.

I was a fit and strong proud kiwi male who enjoyed working and being a fully functioning member of society and now I am struggling to come to terms with the loss of my ability to earn a living and just being able to do day to day activities.

I have days when I feel quite down about my life and am feeling quite upset that I cannot do the things I used to be able to do prior to taking the vaccination. I am only coming to terms with the fact that this is vaccine related and the person treating me (medically related professional) that I am currently seeing is adamant this is a vaccine injury.

At this point I don’t know what my future looks like. I have a friend who is wanting me to take my employer to task through the courts using the Health and Safety Act but that is something I don’t feel comfortable about doing at this stage as I don’t believe it is their fault, I feel the Government coerced and encouraged them to bring this hazard into my workforce.

I hope this submission helps the Government to take responsibility for what has turned out to be a dangerous procedure that has affected my health, possibly for good.

Although I don’t like to think this is permanent, I am aware it could well be. I am not giving up and am committed to getting my health restored to a point where I can get back to work and get my life back.