205 Lisa

Lisa (52 years)
Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech May 2021
Dose 2 Pfizer BioNTech 25th August 2021

I am a Clinical Nurse with 31 years’ experience, extensive study.

Prior to my vaccine, I was extremely healthy, over the top with healthy diet, perfect health, and a running 1-2hours a day and extremely fit.

I did not want the Vaccine; I was one of the last to get first one. I was advised that I would be terminated if didn’t get it and I needed income being a single mother. I was extremely healthy and wanted to rely on my natural immunity.

The mandates pushed out the requirement for the 2nd vaccine for 3-months and I waited as long as I could before having it.

Within 24 hours of having the vaccine it started to take effect … I had pain wrapping around the whole top of my torso (near my shoulders to the bottom of my ribs). Over the coming hours the pain got worse, I was breathless, couldn’t talk, struggled to walk and was basically unable to perform normal daily activities.

After the vaccine my 12-year-old child had to nurse me, helping me to go to the toilet and shower. At one stage he asked me “Where has my happy and bubbly mum gone”. He was traumatised as he thought he was going to lose me; I am extremely precious to him! I am an optimist by nature, I stay strong for him.

I have had excessively high blood pressure ever since the jab on 25th August 2021 at 1010 am. I have spent hundreds of dollars on natural health remedies and continue to do so which is so hard.

I went to my doctor’s surgery, they put me in a room, the Dr freaked out, said she thought I had either PE, myocarditis, or pericarditis; I had high respirations in the 30’s. She called an ambulance. In the emergency department – the senior nurse was unable to get blood, my B/P was 189/125. I was moved round to Resus Bay– because she thought I might be about to have a cardiac arrest and then found myself gaslit by young Dr. Over the time I was in ED, they were flooded with people. My readings were high on the monitors, and they were alarming all the time due to particularly my high Blood Pressure and Respirations. The young Dr came over to me and said that he thought I had a virus and that he was going to send me home and give me codeine. I said to him this is a vaccine injury and he denied it (even though all my readings were off the charts on the monitors). He said no it is a virus. In my discharge letter he lied and wrote that my respirations were only high in the ambulance. In the discharge report he omitted all my vital signs (leads for heart monitoring, blood pressure, pulse etc). I stayed off work for about a week due to this.

I had no sick leave and had to force myself to go to work. It would take me ages to walk from the car park to my office, I could only do small steps and the need to rest, then carry on.

I was at work in my office when my colleague came in, took one look at me, and said you are declining in front of me (she is a clinical nurse specialist) and said I need to take you to ED. She took my obs, which were really high, and I was starting to go blue around my mouth and I was breathless. She took me to ED – day 12 after 2nd vaccine.

A nurse took me straight in and did obs and bloods. I was then put into a room and within minutes a consultant came in and talked to me. He said to me “Lisa this is Day 12, what do you think is going on?” I said to him “I think it is a vaccine injury” and he said, “yes I think it is.” Then a second consultant took over my care he was fabulous, it was reported to medsafe by the physician that I had a vaccine injury. I was given prednisone, and an inhaler, he told me that it wouldn’t cure it, but it might help with my breathing. He referred me to go to my Dr in a couple of days to get more bloods an urgent echo etc.

I went for my follow up at my doctor’s surgery and was gas lit by the very same doctor who sent me to the emergency department previously. Her whole demeanor had changed, and she tried to put my injury down to anxiety!! I explained to her that I have never had anxiety. I then asked her to take my blood pressure. She didn’t want to take my blood pressure, but eventually did and then proceeded to tell me it was fine. I asked her what it was, and she refused to tell me the reading, she kept saying it’s fine. She eventually told me, and it wasn’t fine. I asked her to do the tests that the ED consultant had asked for me to have when going to the Dr. She refused to do these tests. I had to pull out my phone and show her the tests the ED Dr wanted to have done. She eventually did two of the tests, but it was under duress, and she was very rude to me. I was still unwell at this time.

I suddenly started getting migraines and found myself needing to go back to my doctor’s surgery again. My appointment was with the owner, who I found to be cruel and aggressive and once again really gas lit me.!!!! He took me in, and I told him that I was vaccine injured and told him all my symptoms. He didn’t want to know. He did a couple of tests, said I didn’t have migraines, he just tried putting it down to anxiety once again. Talked about this is a side effect and palpitations at that point I told him I never had any palpitations he ignored me.

After that visit I found myself a new Drs practice and now have someone who is listening to me.

Every day is a struggle, I still have periods of chest pain which make me bed ridden for a few days. I get tired easily, can’t exert myself and have had to completely change my life. I struggle to maintain my property and house, while needing to work monitor myself daily.

Thankfully, I have now have an amazing Cardiologist who I was referred to from ED. The Cardiologist had advised me that my heart is damaged and because they are not well versed in this vaccine and the making of it, the symptom will be ever evolving. He has admitted that it was a vaccine injury.

I also have the following symptoms, never got Migraines, get them now, rarely but get them. Had chronic brain fog at the start, slept 16 hours etc never woke up, before jab I would wake up 3-5 times a night. Used to feel the cold easily now I don’t (no I’m not menopausal went through that over a decade ago now) it’s a constant heat – hard to explain but it feels like the whole of the inside of my body is heating up. I also now have sinus tachycardia. I get spacey, mainly when I’m walking.

I am still unwell, not the fit person I used to be, and I am unable to get any recognition from ACC. I have had to fight to try and make a claim. ACC hasn’t been truthful and continuously claims that my Dr and I have been sent letters that we have never received. It has been such a struggle to try and get some form of compensation and I still have no compensation. I have been too unwell to fight my case but will try again, but I find it such a struggle to do anything.

Over my journey I spent hundreds on natural medicines. It has now been two years and I am still not back running. If I over-exert myself, I still get chest pain and breathlessness and have to stop doing what I am doing and need to rest. I am constantly struggling, although I get some good days I always find my blood pressure is very high when I have walked a lot at work etc. Over time different symptoms keep coming up and I am back to square one. This has changed my life and I have had to adapt. My body has changed.

The funny thing is that I have had covid three times now and that is why I was made to have the vaccine!!

My manager gave me a hard time today, seems to have completely forgotten I have a Vaccine Injury due to being forced to have it by mandate, or they would terminate my employment. She called me for a meeting and said to me “Lisa I have pulled a report on you and have quite a bit of annual leave and sick leave and I am noticing that you are taking Friday and Mondays here and there”. I said to her “you may have forgotten that I have had a vaccine injury, the vaccine that I was mandated to have to have and didn’t want to have, I have gone through hell and back”. She then said, “are you not coping with your job”? It felt like I was being set up. I said I love my job, but my GP has advised me to take leave and rest because I needed to heal myself. My manager spoke to me as if she didn’t even know I had a vaccine injury, but she was well aware. They are now trying to stop me having any leave or sick leave. I feel they are trying to move me on because of my vaccine injury.

My goal is to be able to run again one day, but I am not holding out much hope at the moment – every day is a constant struggle.

Thanks for listening, Lisa, happy to speak in parliament.