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NB: The report below was received after the deadline for the Parliamentary Submission and is therefore missing from the final submission. It is posted here with permission from the reporter.

Female aged 81
3 doses Pfizer
Dose 3 January 2022

My name is ​*** and I’m writing to tell you about my mother’s booster reaction in early January 2022.

Both my parents received their 3rd covid jab in early January 2022 whilst staying with family in the south island. This was after strong encouragement from my family members even though I was strongly opposed to it. For the record I remain unvaccinated against covid.

While my father was okay after the injection my mother wasn’t. As I mentioned, this was her third jab, the first two she only had a mild reaction to, the usual pain in the injection site and feeling a little lethargic, but her 3rd jab was completely different.

Immediately after receiving the injection she felt dreadful, almost fainted and began experiencing extreme spikes in temperature going from extremely hot to extremely cold with uncontrollable shivering. After been declared okay to leave the vaccination centre she went straight to bed, not having the energy to continue normal life. During the night her temperature fluctuated between 39 degrees to around 35.5 degrees and the uncontrollable shivering didn’t cease. Her thoughts at that time was ‘she thought she would die’. My father phoned Healthline only to be told that if he was worried then he should take her to hospital. I don’t believe they received a follow up call from Healthline.

The chills lasted all through the night. A couple of days later, my mother still felt very weak from her experience and showed no signs of recovering. I asked her what her batch number was since I was planning on checking it against the how bad is my batch website, that’s when she realised that her Vax passport didn’t state the number of the batch, so she phoned the clinic and asked, only to be told that they didn’t have that information and it wasn’t recorded. How convenient! At my request I encouraged her to fill out the CARM report online which she did. She was never contacted about her reaction.

My mother’s health remained terrible, she was extremely weak, had no appetite, slept for most of the day and showed no improvement from the day of her booster shot. They booked their ferry trip home and after waiting a further two weeks due to the long delays with the ferry bookings, they arrived home in early February 2022.

With the exception of the chills ceasing, Mum’s health hadn’t improved at all from the day she had her booster. As soon as she arrived home she booked a doctors appointment, with this came tests and scans which revealed that my mother had 3 cancers. Cancer of the large bowel, cancer of the liver and cancer of the colon, with spots on her lungs. She received the news that she had terminal cancer on 15th March 2022. She had what is now commonly referred to as TURBO CANCER and sadly passed away on 11th May 2022 at the age of 81.

To my knowledge, her doctor in ​*** did file a report and admitted she thought her reaction was to the booster shot but to date, the family hasn’t had any acknowledgement that her rapid cancer was caused by the combination of 3 unnecessary injections.

I’d like to add that prior to the 3 covid injections, my mother was in great health and wasn’t on any medication.

Her name was ​*** aged 81 years old and I have missed her every single day since she passed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.