21 Sue

I am 73 now and have had auto immune hepatitis medication for the past 20 years – I have been very stable all that time with excellent health.

In June 2021 I sought advice from Dr Elizabeth Scott here in Nelson who had been my trusted Doctor for the past 23 years. She insisted I must have the vaccinations the first was 19th July 2021-phizer /BioNTech I dutifully had my first vaccination with no side effects- in the meantime I learn that she is retiring ( rapidly and well before retirement age)

I had my second vaccination (she retired 1st August ) on the 10th august Pfizer/cominarty – in the waiting room I felt very uncomfortable feeling like I was going to the gas chamber and had a battle with head and heart with my head telling me I needed this vaccination .

There were no adverse symptoms immediately and I left the clinic however within the next day I had trouble with my vision – screaming cramps in my legs tingling in fingers and toes – terrible headaches. Because these symptoms were so noticeable I was unaware initially that my very perfect heart ( having a heart ablation some year earlier and commented on by my six monthly heart check that it would see me into my 90’s) had developed arrhythmia which to this day is still a problem. Tinnitus has been an absolute pain -again something I was not totally aware of but is with me 24/7 and definately never had that problem before.

I did not want to go the doctor that had replaced my doctor as my 45 year old son had been to her with suspected Myocarditis and she sent him away with panadol and to rest which made me beyond furious.he still has cramps to this day.

There was a recommended homeopath I went to and on further research found various ways to treat myself as by now my trust in doctors had been totally compromised.

I still suffer from severe cramps if I don’t take calcium/magnesium daily – never having this problem before vaccination
The actual hole in my vision repaired over a period of time and I would say my vision has degraded without a doubt

One could say this is all age related but I know my body and I keep very good health eat healthy and pretty active

This is a true and accurate statement