22 Olivia

Olivia V
DOB 16/11/1988
Age 34
Mt Wellington, Auckland

Please consider for verbal submission.

This is my account of the order of events leading to my vaccine injury as a result of the coercive vaccine mandates. I presented this to Lynda Wharton via email in September 2022:

On the afternoon of June 10th 2022, I was pressured into receiving my first shot of Novavax to complete the remaining 17 days of work placement to become a qualified dispensary technician. I was pressured by both my tutor and preceptor and decided since I wasn’t going to get away with achieving a qualification jab free, I would reluctantly settle for Novavax as a less experimental, non-MRNA option. I had fought for my right to choose from day one, even before the vaccine mandates, traffic light system or vaccine passports were put in place.

I exercised these rights when the mandates forced me to leave my first dream work placement in the hospital dispensary after being required to take not only Pfizer’s C19 shot but a list of others against my will. I reminded my tutor of these rights in a letter when the traffic light system segregated me from campus, only allowing me grossly inadequate online learning. I had my rights violated when my vaccine exemption passport expired after contracting and fully recovering from covid and being blatantly coerced into taking the jab anyway with the excuse that the ministry of health was watching. But rights mean nothing to the church of the vaccine cult, especially in the medical industry and in June I received the first and last vaccination of my life.

About a week after the administration of Novavax a small rough patch of skin appeared on my chin which I took no notice of or barely had time to take notice of. The roughness quickly progressed to bigger blisters that multiplied quickly becoming embarrassing and uncomfortable. My mandatory mask finally served a purpose.

Two months down the track and I am dealing with an auto-immune response from the vax as diagnosed by a GP who is not afraid to be transparent and honest with her patients. If the government, pharmacist, preceptor and tutor that mandated, administered and pushed this on me were transparent and honest I wouldn’t be facially disfigured right now. This rare Dr who displayed humanity for my experimental damage, recommended I report the incident to CARM, although the two year long battle fighting medical fascism had drained me along with the cocktail of meds I was now on. What percentage of those victims that reported covid response assaults saw justice anyway? And what percentage of covid response assault victims were compensated by ACC to cover basic medical care that this nationwide assault incurred? When I asked reception at my medical centre they responded with, “ACC won’t be taking claims for this type of thing.”

As seen below I have dermatitis, a condition I’ve never experienced prior to the jab which requires both topical and systemic steroids and antibiotics.
I have graduated now although have no positive feelings associated with the experience or for the future as I have been mandated out of the profession I love.

Thankyou for listening, I hope more victims of malpractice and mistreatment speak the truth. Feel free to use my picture in any way thats constructive. Olivia

The damage in question was superficial and resolved with the necessary treatment over the course of a few months. The psychological damage from two years of medical warfare and being mentally interfered with by my own government who are meant to serve and protect me has in some aspects created a monster with extreme distrust in humanity. Permanently scarred with battle wounds for the better and the worse. In 2021 I began pharmacy school with a relentless passion for medicine and what was on the horizon, now even with a qualification I am lost and unsure of something I once thought was a promising future. And then I realise that is the purpose of this agenda. Make us lose hope so we stop trying. Hold us down with unjust compliance. Weaken us for the ultimate goal of total control. That’s why I say this has scarred me for the better, to remember to NEVER let that happen. Lest we forget the freedom that was fought for us, lest we forget the ones that tried to take it from us, lest we forget the ones on the REAL frontline trying to recover it, and more importantly, lest we forget the ones who have died and been maimed for it.