24 Melissa


Age 58


Type of Vaccine: Pfizer

Date: 29th October 2021 (1st Jab)

Batch FH4752-003




I did not wish to take the Vaccine but because my daughter’s wedding was changed at the last minute to Glasgow as her fiancé and family were not allowed entry to New Zealand. I wanted to be there for her.

Also, I was being pressured to take the vaccine because of my underlying health conditions as a breast cancer survivor and recent stroke survivor and due to the increase in covid cases near where I lived at the time.


Adverse reaction:

Started a few days after the vaccine and became worse as days passed, then weeks, months and now nearly 2 years and still recovering very slowly. There are days when it’s been hard and weary but my faith in God, staying positive and strong plus care and support from my family and friends has been my strength to keep going.

The blood tests have shown lots of inflammation in my body including kidney, liver and heart.

Waves of Dizzy spells, pressure sore head, chest tightness, heaviness when standing or walking, floppy body, brain fog, more fatigue than usual and also increased the intensity of all the stroke symptoms I had since March 2021. I was already recovering well after the stroke, walking unaided up to 800m and improving weekly. And then after the first jab I could hardly walk and had huge backwards steps in my rehabilitation, I had to start using a walker and crutch again. I collapsed 4 times at home with all the above symptoms and an ambulance was called every time and I was hospitalised 3 times with the longest being 2 weeks in hospital Dec 2021 as it affected my heart as well.  I did not have a heart issue before the vaccine. Now the doctor thinks I have heart issues and I have to start taking heart medication, with a follow up echocardiogram.


At first all the doctors at the Emergency department agreed it was myocarditis but afterwards when I was moved to the ward, the neurologist, cardiologist denied anything to do with the vaccine but thinks its all due to stress, up until the jab I was making good progress recovering from the stroke and was happy. There was no stress until after the Jab! The doctors insisted on discharge after 2 weeks in hospital on referring me to a psychology to help manage my stress with no exemption letter for the 2nd jab but also insisted that I need to take the 2nd jab but with a different vaccine, astrazeneca.  How crazy is that? I am a stroke survivor and one of the side effects of astrazeneca vaccine is blood clots. I am not taking any more vaccines in my lifetime after what happened to me with the 1st one.

All Doctors have no answers and do not know how to help me except pumping me with pain relief.


As of today, I’m thankful that my heart is now fine but I am still very fatigued and still have most of the symptoms and still using the crutch to walk and wheelchair for a long distance after 1km. I am still undergoing lots of rehabilitation with Neuro Connection and also a Green prescription program including hydrotherapy, determined to get my life back.  I have to start paying privately at the beginning of this year as all government funded rehabilitation finished December 2022.


ACC Claim

I spent lots of money on all the herbal supplements and vitamins as prescribed by NZDSOS and also Neurological Integration System (NIS) therapy and now my private rehabilitation too which is adding more financial pressure on my family.

My GP believed it’s definitely the vaccine and filed the claim with ACC in November 2021 but the claim was declined. A legal aid lawyer is helping me with the claim and we have just filed a new claim last year, 26 October 2022 and ACC is still reviewing the claim.