26 (M)


Age 95
Dose 1: Pfizer May 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer July 2021

Because my mum is elderly it is obviously hard to prove anything for sure. She had her first Pfizer about May 21 and her second about July 21.She was living independently in XXXXXXXXX retirement village in Hamilton She wasn’t coerced and thought it was all ok.

I was phoned up in August to say she’d had a fall ..so I went to Hamilton and took her to the dr. She was very confused…she was 93.I ended up bringing her home with me as she couldn’t be left alone. The next day she had a weird event where she was doing a jig saw and when I looked at her she was dribbling with her head down ,I thought she was asleep but when I touched her she was unresponsive. She was like this for about 5 mins.,I thought she’d had a stroke. When the ambulance arrived they couldn’t find anything wrong.

For the next two weeks she was very unwell she kept saying her eyes were dreadful hurting and she could hardly see. She was wobbly and confused and from then on she has lost her independence her car, her unit and her and mind you it all happened very fast. She is still alive now nearly 95 but she has no quality of life, her memory is gone she is unable to do the things she loved like the crossword or knitting. I am very sure the jab is what caused these things to happen but that’s never going to stand up in court.

Her name is XXXXXXXX