27 Mathew

Name: Matthew Age:33

vaccine: second dose of Pfizer 15/01//2022

It’s was voluntary but at the same time coerced by peers and doctors as at the time I wasn’t allowed in to see my son be born unless I was double vaxxed from what we were being told, then the rules changed after I had the 2nd jab but it was too late

Received second Jab on the 15/01/2022 Symptoms: initially I felt faint and my heart was racing and I just thought I hadn’t eaten enough while working but it continued for a couple hours and then kept happening accompanied by chest pain on my left side that felt like I was being stabbed and would happen multiple times a day. I took sick days and went to the docs who informed me of myocarditis and did some bloods and hour after that I got a phone call to go to the hospital as my troponin levels were too high for my age and they ran tests and came to the conclusion that I indeed had myocarditis probable cause: the jab.

The following few months I continued to have racing heart randomly even lying on the couch headaches major fatigue feeling sick and a constant feeling of something bad about to happen. Luckily only spent I think 1 night in hospital, I also had a monitor hooked up to me for 24hr to see what happens and had an mri on my heart which came back fairly normal.

As time has passed my troponin level dropped from 50 to 40 I think last time I had bloods done. I still haven’t been back to work since Jan 15th 2022 as I still suffer from a racing heart although that is somewhat few and far between now and can be triggered by being over active or pushing too hard or as simple as eating too much but it is random sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t.

With all of this it’s constantly on my mind like am I going to be okay doing things or not but I have learned ways of calming it down like resting or going to sleep. The doctors and medical professionals I’ve had to deal with have always been helpful as much as they can but still don’t know what to do as some cases have recovered quick others have recovered not so quick and others still having problems and of course those that have passed because of it (although they always deny it’s because of the jab).

I don’t take medication for anything to see if that helps as I feel slowly I feel I am getting better with the help of eating cleaner and healthier foods and learning my limits but this should never have happened and has been hard on my kids and family. I would love to return to my job as I’m still on ACC luckily but have missed out on thousands through overtime and stuff like that.

It’s almost been 17 months since one of the worst outcomes became reality still having symptoms albeit less and less as time goes on, it still affects my family and myself but I’m one of the lucky ones right??

Yours sincerely Matthew