28 Daniel

Name: Daniel   Age:45

Product received: Pfizer Batch FF4206 006, 30/08/2021, Moerewa, Northland 14.30pm

Circumstances why took vaccine: Employed in Hospitality which was a mandated industry, employer encouraged vaccine uptake with food hamper, couldn’t afford to support family without my job. Family member was also putting a lot of pressure on me to have vaccine as was fire service which I was a volunteer. Government and Media heavily pushing everyone to vaccinate. Text messages from health centre pushing vaccine,

What happened:

The day after the vaccine I woke with a sore throat, abdominal pain and chest pain. These symptoms continued over the following days, weeks and months with further more debilitating symptoms. Prior to this I was a fit, healthy, active 43yr old Male with no relevant medical history or known allergies.

Listed are early symptoms which led to two ambulance call outs and hospital stays.

Chest pain radiating up into left neck and jaw.

Unilateral and at times bilateral numbness in arms and legs.

Shaking hands.

A sense of a constant internal body tremor/thrumming.

Lower back pain.

Pain, swelling and pressure in the left testicle.

Difficulties with urination.

Painful swollen lymph nodes in groin and armpits.

Pelvic pain.

Intermittent diarrhoea.

Rib pain.

Neck pain.

Shortness of breath walking short distances.

Loss of fine motor skills.

Difficulty straightening fingers.


Twitching and shaking all over.

Poor coordination.

Expressive dysphasia/aphasia/ slurred speech


A sense of pressure in head and ears.

Inability to differentiate between hot and cold beneath feet.

Difficulty walking, requiring enormous concentration. Unable to walk and talk at the same time. One day had to crawl on all fours to get to his bed. Walking has become jerky.

Episodes of feeling freezing cold despite warm environmental temperatures.

Cramping of muscles.

Mental confusion.

Poor concentration and decision making.

These terrible symptoms initially necessitated visits to the GP. Tests done by the GP showed a normal ECG, positive H. Pylori, which was treated (his stomach pain only stopped for 1 day post treatment)  Daniel has subsequently been referred to urology. The Urologist agreed that something wasn’t functioning correctly but was at a loss to explain the cause.

On two occasions when symptoms were severe and alarming, ambulances were called.

The first of these was on 9/12/21 for bilateral arm numbness, severe headache, tinnitus and head and ear pressure. A CT scan at hospital showed “no acute abnormality.” Cardiology review at the time also showed “nothing of concern.”

The second call for an ambulance was made 2 days later when Daniel began shaking all over for episodes of 20 to 40 seconds at a time. This seizure-like activity was witnessed by ambulance and hospital staff. Daniel remained fully conscious during these episodes. He was discharged the following day with a referral for an MRI. This shaking occurred concurrently with expressive aphasia and extreme difficulty in walking.

Since December 2021 Daniel has paid privately to see a neurologist, urologist, cardiac specialist doctor and has had MRI’s of brain, neck with contrast, CT scan of neck, nerve conduction study, numerous blood tests.

Symptoms that remain constant to May 2023 include a constant thrum like vibration, muscle twitches and spasms, muscle fatigue, headaches, tinitus, lack of strength in muscles, memory loss, cognitive difficulties, lack of toilet control, numbness, a jerky walk, unable to maintain weight despite eating a healthy diet.



Did you receive help, gas lit, denied, rejected, shamed etc in Ed, hospitals, GP:

Difficulties finding a neurologist willing to see a partially vaccined person, shamed and bullied by hospital staff in ED for not taking a second vaccine despite having been ill sine the first vaccine. Outright denial from specialists when asked if the vaccine may have had any influence on symptoms.

Gp at local medical centre has been helpful and supportive

General hospital staff helpful.


Applied for ACC,

Applied to ACC for Vaccine related injury in December 2021, denied any help in June 2022 as they put it down to age related degeneration.


Reported to CARM:

Reported to CARM and never had any follow up.



Not available to make an in person submission.