29 Phoebe

Name- Phoebe
Age- 36

Product(s) received ( Pfizer or Astra Zenica )- Pfizer, batch # FH9414-D00146

Circumstances of why took vaccine; mandated by employer or other, personal choice or felt coerced by employer, peers, family members?
Mandated to keep my job across 3 settings- as a counsellor part of NZAC, and as a subcontractor working in Dept of Corrections, and as a yoga instructor working in a studio where it was mandated.

What happened to you?
Chest pain developing night of 2nd dose of vaccine, 7th of Dec 2021 in Dunedin. Increasing symptoms occurred, finally going into ED 16th of Dec. Discharged on basis of symptoms being ‘reflux’ and prescribed omprezole.
Symptoms continued and still continue to this day, 17 months later. These include: chest pain, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, numb arms, worsening with exertion. It was so bad last year I could only take care of my basic needs. Now, I have been slowly improving, able to get up to mild/moderate physical activity, but if it is too much, I relapse which takes months again to recover.

I also developed painful breast cysts in both breasts, with the largest cysts in the armpit and breast of the injection arm. I underwent ultrasound and mammogram, and was told they were benign and that this is ‘normal.’ I have no breast cancer history in my family, have never had this issue, and personally believe it to be connected to the vaccine and my lymph/immune system not being able to cope.

Also to note- I was the fittest I had ever been in my life pre-injection. Running, lifting weights, yoga, cold water swimming, etc regularly. No previous heart, breast, or nerve conditions.

Whether helped, gas lit, denied, rejected or shamed when seeking help by Emergency Depts, Hospital, GP…
Yes- ED denied this could be vaccine related. GP said symptoms were normal. I could not sleep my heart was racing so much in months following vaccine, I was prescribed sedating anti-depressants to help me sleep, told this could be anxiety. These did not help. I finally went to a private cardiologist paying $1000+ and was diagnosed with vaccine-related recurrent pericarditis. I tried colchicine but that did not help. Up to 6 months of rest was advised, which I did, but it did not help.

Whether applied for ACC and response – compensated or not?
My ACC claim was accepted, though I was not compensated due to their limited tick box requirements for hourly wage/part time workers etc not meeting requirements. I did receive a home help weekly cleaner however for 3 months which was very helpful as I live alone.

I left the job at Corrections 4 months later because my health had detiorated and worked minimally on my own in private practice. My income was about $11,0000 last year due to this vaccine injury down from 50k, and I am still working reduced hours as I continue to recover.

Reported to CARM, other?
Yes. I also was interviewed last year by CARM and Ministry of Health in an apparent investigation that was to be published, but I never heard back from them.