33 Emily

21 years old
Bay of Plenty

*Date of injections. Which product?
Pfizer covid vaccine
1st injection 20/11/21
2nd injection 18/12/21

*Did you take the injection willingly or were you mandated?
I was mandated for my job and told I had to have my second vaccine by 20th December 2021. I did not want the vaccine but I wanted to keep my job.

*Timing of onset of your Adverse Event
3 days after my second vaccine

*Details of your Adverse Event

I was getting out of the car to go Christmas shopping with my mum and started to faint & had severe chest pain, shortness of breath and heart palpations and felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I had blood tests that showed elevated Troponin levels and elevated D-Dimmer levels. Resulting in myopericarditis.

*Did you require medical treatment or hospitalisation? How were you treated by your Dr or hospital…with compassion and honesty or were you medically gaslighted?
I was seen by my local GP who sent me for blood tests and did an ECG and sent me home. I was diagnosed by the results of my blood test . I was taken to ED at Tauranga hospital a few days later waited 12 hours to be sent home with no treatment, I had to sit on a plastic chair in the hallway because it was so busy even though I was feeling faint and everything was going black around me. I presented to the GP a few days later once again sent home and gaslighten. I was told maybe I had a sports injury, I had been to unwell to play any sport. After exhausting all avenues for treatment my mother was told of the Doctors at NZDSOS and after contacting them I was able to be seen and started on medication immediately.
I felt shunned by society even though I had done what was required of me to be vaccinated. I had several months wait to get into a cardiologist and several more months for a follow up appointment

*Did you report your event to CARM? If so did they contact you to confirm receipt and ask further questions?
I reported my reaction to CARM, I never received a receipt or any acknowledgement
*Did you apply for ACC and were you successful or declined?
I applied for ACC and after waiting 9 moths I think it was I was declined, I also applied for WINZ sickness benefit which was turned down because I needed to see a cardiologist which I had already been waiting many months so see. I sought help from a lawyer to appeal by ACC decision which last Friday 12 May 2023 was finally accepted by ACC as having my myopercarditis as a result of the vaccine.

*How are you NOW? Is your injury fully resolved or do you remain sick or even worsening over time?
I am still unwell and unable to work, I still suffer from shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and dizziness etc. My blood tests are still abnormal and I have just had a cardiac MRI last week. Medication helps keeps me stable. My parents at their own cost have tried every treatment available to get me well.

I long for my life back before I took the vaccine where I loved working and going to the gym and being out with my friends.