37 Heather

My name is Heather

I am 70 years old, I received the Pfizer vaccine voluntarily when it first came out as I have a compromised immune system from having 2 separate cancers at the same time, bowel and breast cancer and was told it would be advisable to have the vaccine.

I had the first shot in May when the vaccine 1st came out and the second shot on June 1st ,2 weeks later my arm and hand became very swollen ,so I went to North Shore hospital to get the Breast clinic to check it out. They were very concerned so I went back and they gave me an ultrasound to make sure my breast cancer hadn’t come back.

Subsequently I was told it was caused from having 12 Lymph node’s taken out and it was Lymphedema which was caused by my Breast Cancer.

I had no more shots as advised by medical professionals, I only had very mild lymphedema before the vaccine , and I had Breast cancer 9 years ago.

Since the vaccine I have had to wear a compression sleeve morning and night to keep it under control, and I have had lymphatic massages through the Breast Cancer Foundation.

I applied to ACC when it 1st happened, but they said no it was caused through having so many lymph nodes taken out.

Yesterday ACC rung me and said my claim was accepted as it has since been recognized that it was caused by the side effect of the Vaccine.