40 Shelley

My name is Shelley

I was vaccine injured back when it was 1st rolled out.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with advanced heart failure due to myocarditis, and when I was told by my doctor that I had to take it, I did.

Within hours of getting home from receiving the vaccine the heart palpitations started and knowing my heart I knew something wasn’t right. I called for an ambulance but because I live in the far north was told one probably wouldn’t be coming due to shortages at the time. So I had my 14yr old son help me till I could get to my Dr the next day.

Following morning I went down to the doctor’s office where I said I needed to see her straight away as since I took the vaccine my hearts gone back to where it was in 2014, I knew my body and something wasn’t right.

I told her my symptoms and what had happened and was told by her that I’ve probably smoked to much pot! Wasn’t happy with her response and said you know nothing about my heart and demanded a referral to my cardiologist.

I was then asked to leave the surgery or they would call the police!

So had no one from the health sector to help me at all, except I rang The health advisory advocacy, or something like that, they only had 1 person in Northland that worked part-time,and happened to have covid, so couldn’t really help me at the time. A girl from their office rang daily for awhile to check-in on me, but then the whole country went nuts and all of a sudden I’m a non vaxer or conspiracy theorist.

Took over 18 months to see cardiologist and went to appointment, nurse took ecg, went into dr, who didn’t even listen to my heart and was instantly told, I’m being discharged from cardiology at whangarei base hospital.

Was absolutely blown away, not just tossed aside from my own gp but also the health department, all because I was vaccine injured and refused anymore and also refused my child from taking it.

I spoke up and nearly died because not just from the vaccine injury,but the isolation I now have because of all this covid BS!

My life will never be the same because of this ,not just health,I lost family and friends who want nothing to do with me.

I now have absolutely no confidence in doctor’s, the health system and the government as a whole!