41 Chris

To whom it may concern.

My name is Christopher
My DOB is 20/02/1965.

I suffered a Severe reaction to the Pfizer vaccine administered on the 4th of November 2021 at Rimutaka prison.

I was employed as a prison officer and had been employed by the Dept of Corrections ,at Rimutaka prison since September 2007. I suffered a serious vaccine injury due to having the Pfizer vaccination, which was mandated by the Dept of Corrections.

Due to the Dept of Corrections mandating for covid 19, I was forced to have the Pfizer vaccination or lose my career, in the profession that I had been in since 2007.

On Thursday the 4th of November 2021, I was rostered on duty at Rimutaka prison in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

The Dep’t of Corrections were running a vaccination clinic for staff at the health clinic at Rimutaka prison. Due to myself having to be vaccinated by Tuesday the 9th of November or face being stood down from duty and my employment terminated, my hand was forced to have the vaccination.

At approximately 0945 hours, I was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, by a Dept of Corrections nurse, at the health clinic, at Rimutaka prison.

20 minutes after receiving the vaccination, I developed a severe headache, felt nauseous and had a very dry throat. 2 hours later I developed chest pains and felt very lethargic.

I immediately filed an adverse reaction report on the ministry of health website (CARM ) and also with the Department of Corrections health and safety tracker system. No one from the CARM or the ministry of health ever contacted me, but I do have the official receipt number.

On the 15th of November, while I was on duty at Rimutaka prison, I had a serious turn, whereby I felt dizzy and faint, complete with severe
chest pains.( I thought I was having a heart attack )

I was seen by one of the on duty nurses at Rimutaka prison, who checked my vital signs and told me to go to my GP immediately.
I was seen by my GP at the Carterton health center that afternoon, where I had an ECG and had my vital signs checked. Myocarditis could not be ruled out ( full report available ) and I was put off work for 7 days to recuperate.

Prior to the vaccination I underwent a thorough medical examination at the Carterton medical center in October 2021, as part of my employment conditions that we undertake a yearly medical check. I was deemed fit and well , with no issues.

My GP filed an application for a temporary medical exemption from receiving the 2nd vaccination, but I received a reply from Dr Ashley Bloomfield on the 15th of December 2021, stating that my application had been declined.

I returned to work, but again while experiencing severe chest pains, nausea and dizziness and brain fog. I was put off work again by my GP indefinitely.

The Department of Corrections then put me on a management plan and stood me down from duty and put me on sick leave. My 2nd mandated vaccination was due by the 31st of March 2022 and if I did not receive the 2nd vaccination my employment would be terminated, as per my management plan

During this time i was put through a huge amount of mental duress and this has affected my wellbeing, for example , stress, sleepless nights, lack of appetite, relationship problems as well as the on-going medical conditions of feeling lethargic, constant chest pain and brain fog.

My doctor was very supportive of my condition and he stood by me throughout the ordeal. On the 22nd March 2022 , I received an email from the acting deputy prison director at Rimutaka prison, Suzanne Abraham wanting to know my vaccination plan for my 2nd vaccination as this was due by the 31st of March 2022, otherwise my employment was going to be terminated. ( email available on request)

My options were limited by this point in time and I was between a rock and a hard place. Either take the risk of a 2nd vaccine or have my employment terminated. ( I have the threatening email ).

I discussed my options with my GP as I was still on paid sick leave. My GP suggested Novavax as this was based on the more traditional protein based vaccine.

My GP wrote me out a prescription for the Novavax vaccine as this was required due to the mixing of the different vaccines. I was absolutely terrified when I lined up for my 2nd Vaccination, not knowing whether this was going to be my last day on earth and I updated my last will and Testament only a few days prior, just in case I was going to meet my maker. Fortunately I had no ill effect to the Novavax vaccine.
I was off work for a total of approximately 3 1/2 months due to the severe reaction and ill health and my GP signed me on as being fit to return to full duties and I went back to work on the 28th of March 2022.

I am still experiencing on going problems of chest pains, brain fog , lack of energy, tiredness and wanting to sleep. As of most recent, on the 27th of April 2023, I developed severe chest pains that I was so concerned about that I presented myself at the Lower Hutt hospital A&E department, whereby the medical staff took this very seriously and I had an ECG, blood tests and an Ultra sound scan.

I have all the documentation and emails available, should you so request them. I am willing to appear on the day and in person in Parliament so that my story can be heard in order to prevent this from happening ever again to someone else.

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.