45 Heidi

Name: Heidi
Age: 46
Type of vaccine: Pfizer

Coerced by ex-partner using custody of children as leverage. He also tried to take our youngest to get vaccinated without my knowledge or consent, thankfully there were no vaccine centres open that day.

Upon arrival to the drive through vaccine it was noted I had had an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine as a teenager, despite this they told me I had to wait an extra 5 mins after receiving my first dose. After 20mins I was sent on my way. Within one hour of receiving the first vaccine I started bleeding, having only finished my cycle the week before. It wasn’t light bleeding, it was heavy and soaked through my clothes in minutes. I went home from work, changed my clothes and returned to work despite painful cramping and feeling nauseas. Upon leaving work for the day I went home and called Healthline as my heart was racing despite me not being anxious or panicked.

The healthline nurse was amazing and entered my adverse reactions into the MedSafe system and also talked me through how to report it myself. The nurse immediately alerted my GP who called me the next day and told me to wait six weeks before I got my second dose.

The heavy bleeding lasted for three weeks, I had two weeks reprieve then it returned again heavy for three weeks. I have a mirena, I shouldn’t have heavy bleeding. This cycle went on for 6 months.

After my second dose I found I would get breathless just putting shoes on or getting dressed, not every day just some days. I was fit and healthy, I went to the gym daily and did pole fit twice a week. 5 months after my second dose I could not go to the gym as regularly, I couldn’t run for more than a minute without having to stop because I couldn’t breathe, it felt like I had lost all of my fitness, my joints were very painful and I had fluid retention in my feet, not slightly puffy, swollen to the point the skin was tight and hurt to touch.

Perimenopause started and the GP I saw was surprised I had started as family history was mid fifties, I was at the time 44. The weight piled on despite only cutting one day per week at the gym and continuing with pole fit and my diet staying the same.

My joints hurt so much I could no longer do pole fit and at times could not carry out the basic moves on the pole as I could no longer lift myself onto the pole. I have HRT patches, however have been told to take supplements and diet and exercise, something I was already doing and it did not alleviate the symptoms or assist with the weight that continued to pile on around my hips and stomach. I have gone from fit, toned and healthy to exhausted, overweight, embarrassed and made to feel like I’m lazy by medical professionals in a year and a half.

I wish I had never had those injections but I didn’t want to risk losing my children.