46 Rebecca

Name: Rebekah
– Age: 40 years
– Type of vaccine received Pfizer

I was mandated as a tutor to receive the vaccine,
I asked my doctor if I should get the vaccine as I did not want to get it due to having just recovered from reacting to an iron infusion, he told me I was far better to get the vaccine than I was to get covid. I in no way wanted to take the vaccine and felt fully violated that I was made to. I know how sensitive my body is to most things and I knew this was not going to go well, I needed to keep my job I am a mum to three and losing my job was not an option.

On receiving the vaccine it flared up heart palpitations I went to the Dr and he said I had had them before and they were ok, I then began getting so tired I have absolutely no energy and every day had to drag myself through the day exhausted. I went to a different Dr on duty that day and he told me that I had had an auto immune reaction to the vaccine and he would do all of the blood tests but they would likely come back clear as I was experiencing an auto-immune response and there is nothing they can do and I probably never should have got the vaccine!!!!!!!

Since then have had massive flare up of heart palpitations, can hardly work out without tiring so quickly and I am continuously exhausted.