47 Tanya

My name is Tanya Hawthorne
48 years old

I held out as long as I could before getting one jab in January 2022 to keep my job. I have since had a hell of a year.

Instantly I felt tingling down my neck and head the side I got the jab in and I got a heavy period within hours of having it.

I felt awful for 2 days, fuzzy weird head etc and took a day off work.
The jab in my opinion put me straight into menopause and my blood pressure spiked. I am now on BP medication daily. I had horrific and constant heat, it felt like an inflammatory response rather than hormonal flushes.
I then got covid in May, I had no flu symptoms at all but it affected my brain, head ringing, fatigue, fuzzy brain, just like the reaction from the jab but worse. My menopause symptoms got worse. As much as I vowed I would never take hormones I have gone on HRT to try and manage the heat as I wasn’t sleeping.

Of course everyone laughs and says it’s just coincidence and I would have gone into menopause anyway, but I feel this is just too extreme.
I really think this needs to be talked about. It’s very worrying to me, especially for our young girls. There are lots of women now suffering from extreme menopause symptoms, I am sure the vaccines have done something to women’s hormones.

I know the jab caused my initial symptoms then contributed to the very weird covid experience I had.

My doctor of course just said it was a coincidence.

Mandates were the only reason I had the jab.

Sorry I won’t be available for an in person talk but you can file my story.

There needs to be an inquiry about this, so many people are affected in various ways.

Thank You.