48 Neil

Neil age 52

I was a very fit person, running 4 or 5 times a week and entering half marathons. No medical issues prior to the jab.

Reacted to the first jab but ignored it because I was told how “safe and effective” it was. Repeatedly.
Reacted a lot more to the 2nd jab – racing heartbeat on and off for over a month. Sleepless for a month. Anxiety.
I completed an adverse reaction report. I would have left it there because I knew it was affecting me but went for the booster because I needed to travel overseas to see my dying mother. The threat hanging over us was we wouldn’t be allowed to travel unless we were ‘boosted’. Not sure if this ever came to fruition legally but the threat was definitely put out there by politicians. So went for the booster.

Stupid me. Again, racing heartbeat, anxiety, insomnia. Since then I have put on weight and struggled with exercise. No energy, weak and aching muscles, shortness of breath when trying to run. Then, a few months ago I “collapsed” for no apparent reason. Went to ED where they performed some tests and found I had a heart irregularity – left bundle branch block. Obviously, I cannot link it to the vaccine. This is the thing, everyone who has symptoms could have developed those anyway. And that is how they get out of it and keep ignoring it. But I know how I reacted to the vaccine and what it did to me. I know.