52 Emma

Age 43

Before August 2021, I was a healthy young woman, I had just turned 40 when I received my first Covid-19 vaccination. I have always had healthy, regular periods throughout my whole life. (I have been off ‘the pill” since 2011. Even after my children were born my periods naturally came back healthy and regular.)

But something has triggered my body and inflamed my reproductive system. I have been searching for answers the last 12 months. I know about the Pfizer fraud; I know our government hoodwinked us all. I am wide awake. I have been gaslit to say my concerns aren’t valid and it is just pre-menopause.

I was mandated. As the government propaganda had said it was “safe and effective”, their False Narrative “it stopped transmission” when they had only “hoped” it would.

In early 2022 I started back at school. I had been double vaxxed to keep my job. Throughout those 10 weeks, my health continued to get worse both physically and mentally. I was mandated to wear a mask in class, like the students. I feel I have some PTSD from that moment in time. I resigned from my role as I could no longer work in that environment.

It doesn’t make sense; this medical issue has only started after the Pfizer Vaccine.
My full case and timeline below.

43 Years old

Ex Teacher Aide
Mandated to have vaccine

Informed consent was not given
30/08/2021 Pfizer/BioTech (FG7372-D00S2) Unichem Alexandra Pharmacy
16/10/2021 Pfizer/BioTech (No Batch number) Cromwell Pharmacy
(Now Antidote Cromwell)

October 2021 My period came in heavy, painful and late.
Mental health is good.

February 2022
My period cycle started to regulate, however my menstrual cycle is still heavy (blot clots) and painful internally.
Never had periods like this my whole life. Mental health is in decline.

Seen Doctor, lack of energy and heavy menstrual bleeding.
Blood tests and iron tablets given.
Women’s Health and mental health are still declining.
2022 Seen Doctor, Ruptured right Achilles, surgery 10 days later. Periods are still heavy and prolonged with clots. Mental health is declining daily.

August 2022 Seen a psychologist.
Feeling helpless, Mental Health in full decline.
Periods are still heavy and prolonged with blood clots getting worse.

November 2022 Seen Dr, my menstrual cycle continues to be heavy with clots and painful.
Seen Nurse it is documented heavy bleeding and clots had been going on for 10 months (Since Feb 22) Internal, external ultrasound procedure performed and referred to Dunedin Hospital OB GYN.

January 2023 Seen by OB GYN, menorrhagia is likely caused by a uterine polyp.
Advised Uterine Polypectomy. Currently on the public waitlist.

2023 Still waiting for surgery