56 Regan

My name is Regan J, I am 38 years old and I voluntarily got the >> first and second Covid 19 vaccine. >> I wasn’t feeling well after the first vaccine and stayed in bed for >> 36 hours, but I went back and got the second vaccine as I thought I >> was doing the right thing so I could continue to work and mix in the >> community.

>> After the second vaccine I was so sick within a few hours after having >> it. Hot, sweating, aching all over, headache and feeling sick, >> unable to eat and had to stay in bed or lying down for over a week. >>

Since then my health has deteriorated to the state that I am unable to >> do much, I’ve given up my job and rely on my parents to take >> care of me. >>

I have been to so many health professionals and I still haven’t >> received a proper diagnosis, Ive lost 18 kg due to stomach issues and >> I’m unable to eat, I’m on a special diet at the moment trying >> to determine what is going on, I’ve got allergies I’ve never >> had before.

>> There has been mention of the “Spike protein” doing something. >> I now have neurological problems and I am also now borderline >> autoimmune, >> Waiting on getting an appointment with specialists has been traumatic, >> wait time is up to months or even a year. >>

It’s depressing as I won’t to get back to normal and lead an >> active life. >> I feel my life is over. >> >>

Regan J