57 Sonia

Name: Sonjae
– Age: 50
– Type of vaccine received: Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 on 21 October 2021

– Whether voluntary or coerced by peers/ family members or mandated by their employer:

Mandated as I was teaching – could not teach again after the vaccine as I was not well enough. I was only teaching because we had a travel company and had no income during that time.

– Symptoms and timing of when they received the vaccine.

Within 5 minutes of receiving the vaccine my heart rate shot up to over 180 bpm. I felt faint and VERY unwell – they triaged me at the vaccine centre and once my heart rate went down to around 100 bpm they sent me home saying I’d had a panic attack.

I have NEVER had a panic attack In my life.

My heart continued with the erratic heart rates shooting up high to the 160’s – 180’s and then plummeting to below 50. I was so unwell I couldn’t get off the couch and could not function for most of the day. After 3 days of this and then a prolonged stint of erratic heart beats I ended up in A&E. The doctor diagnosed bigeminy triggered by the vaccine. After days of this I went to my GP and she also diagnosed ectopic heart beats caused by the vaccine. She believed my heart would return to normal rhythm within 10 days but it didn’t.

It’s now 19 months later and I still suffer every single day.

I’ve been on two different medications and my life has changed radically as I’m not longer the fit, healthy person prior to the vaccine.

I have a full report from my cardiologist. – I have had to pay for all my tests and cardiologist appointments myself as my GP’s referral was declined by the public system.

I was also declined by ACC. My condition is now diagnosed as:
1. Symptomatic ventricular ectopic beats and SVT
2. Myxomatous mitral valve with mild to moderate MR
Please let me know if you need my cardiologist reports and the ACC decline letter.