58 Barry

72 year old male
Coerced by family.

Two weeks after the second Covid injection around 22nd September 2021, I developed vertigo for the first time in my life, one week later my ICD fired off, I was transported to hospital stayed overnight then approximately 2 months later while out walking I collapsed on the footpath where by I was seen collapsing and once again transported to hospital. I stayed in for 4 days then sent home, approximately 2 months after that while having my dinner I became very short of breath where by an ambulance was called they placed me in the ambulance and as they hooked up the monitor I once again had two more shocks, taken to hospital and while in resus the doctors administered an electric shock to get my heart rate down, one week spent in hospital.

A month later as I was about to clean my teeth I once again received two shocks to control my heart beat. This led to a five hour ablation operation when released from hospital I lasted 3 months before another two shocks, once again admitted to hospital then another 7 hour ablation operation, finally on the 3rd of January 2023 I once again was admitted from another shock where by I had a 24 hour stay then sent home.

I truly believe that the Covid jab was and is the reason for my health problems, I was feeling happy with my health up to two weeks after my second jab, my doctor and cardiac surgeon were both very happy with my health and how well I was living with mild heart failure,

Regards Barry