60 Mansil

Hi my name is Mansil
age 54.

I received one dose of the Pfizer injection on 17 Sep 2021. I took it to be able to take my daughter into places the unvaccinated were not allowed. My sister worked in a covid centre and the government announced it was safe & effective against covid. I was fine before receiving it.

A couple of days after taking it I had a persistent cough and spitting green phlegm. A week after having it I started getting headaches.

The headaches started getting worse over the next couple of months so I went to the doctor on 24th Nov 2021 as they were very intense, pounding and continuous.

The doctor said I had high blood pressure and put me on a blood thinner, Felodipine and booked me in for an MRI which I did not attend as I was on NAC for approximately one month after my doctors appointment and the headaches went away.

The doctor marked my status for blood thinner pills as historic, I have never had blood thinners before in my life. I am now on blood thinners long term.

I have asked the doctor for an exemption and was told they don’t do that.
I count myself very lucky compared to others in my neighbourhood.

My mother in law had one Pfizer injection and was paralysed from her hip down on one side the day after having it. Ambulance did not attend they told her that it was a reaction to the vaccine and it would get better.

She now (after nearly 2 years) has chronic pain down her legs and most days is unable to walk. For a little period of time the doctor was injecting steroids into her legs to relieve the pain as her xray showed a mass of inflammation from her hip down shortly after her Pfizer injection. She has now been prescribed Tramadol. Her name is Lindly age 71 at the time.

She took it as she was scared she was going to get in trouble and be locked in her home if she didn’t have it. It was the fear of what was happening to the unvaccinated that coerced her.

Thank you for being a voice for those of us that have been damaged.