61 Julie


I didn’t want to get the vaccine. It just didn’t all seem right that suddenly a govt was bribing kiwis with food/vouchers etc and my gut said no. I worked for a company contacted to read trust power and contact meters which meant I was on the road all over South Canterbury region working Mon-Friday.

When the pressure started by employer to get vaccinated I said no. I asked that they instead allow me to only read outside meters but they didnt budge. Finally after constant demands from family, friends and employer I reluctantly went ahead as wanted to keep my job and took that ONE shot of Pfizer into my LEFT arm. I wish I hadnt and wish I had listened to that little voice in my head but I needed to work. No one was employing people unless vaccinated.

Oct 9th 2021 Saturday was the day of that one and only jab. Sunday I was fine. Monday started getting pain in and around LEFT breast. Fluttering sensations and pressure pains in LEFT breast and chest. Monday night I was awoken with sharp dagger like pains constantly stabbing LEFT breast all around nipple area. Partner woke up and by that time I was sitting up trying to take short breaths to make it stop. This lasted approx 30 minutes. Then finally slowed down to just stabbing every 30 minutes or so. I hardly slept that night. Went to work next morning and breast was sore all underneath near rib area. I had to stop my vehicle x3 times during the day and hold my chest and breast due to the sharp pains. I was too stubborn to go to ED and because of the MSM constantly talking about people over reacting to vaccine I feared they would just brush me off.

Tuesday night awoken again with same stabbing pains. Rang GP app Friday. First thing she said after I told her about my chest/breast pain was “why have you only just had your first covid vaccine, you’re not one of those crazy anti vax people are you”? She was more concerned about me having it so late more so than what I was there for. This pissed me off!

She listened to chest and said I will send you for bloods but you’re fine. Didn’t look at breast. I said I can’t wear an underwire bra due to pain in left breast and she said “thats ok”. If it gets worse come back. I said about my family history of strokes and that was main reason for coming but she wasn’t concerned. I was never going to go back. Pain began to subside over next two weeks. Bloods came back and I was told protein was a bit low and repeat bloods in a month. That was it.

By November I was still getting the odd fluttering in chest and breast and every now and again the stabbing but it wasn’t constant so I just ignored it.
By December I began to get really bad BO. I had rarely ever used underarm deodorant because I never had BO all my life but I couldn’t understand why I was getting horrible BO smell in armpit.

By January 2022 my LEFT breast began to feel tender to touch. February I felt hard area in LEFT breast. Couldn’t see GP (was going to see another GP at same clinic) because they refused face to face consults and I needed someone to feel my breast and examine me.

I had only had one jab of course so by now it was all about having two jabs and mandates were in full swing. Knowing how pushy the clinic was about being jabbed and their paranoia around the vaccine I decided to go elsewhere. By now it was March. My breast was getting quite hard to touch so managed to get app with a nurse practitioner who saw me at her clinic (my angel I call her).

Mammogram and biopsy following week confirmed 46mm cancer lump behind nipple (where the stabbing pain started x2 days after my first one and only Pfizer vaccine). I told her it was the vaccine that did it and to report to VAERS and she said she will make the report. She was not belittling me or ignoring my concerns but didn’t agree of course because GPs weren’t allowed to say anything negative about the vaccine as we know. I told my surgeon my concerns. He didn’t disagree but I found it odd when he asked me which arm I had the vaccine in. My LEFT arm I told him. He didn’t comment further.

A year on from my diagnosis and treatment of chemo/surgery/radiation I can say without hesitation that that day on the 9th October 2021 changed my life.

I will never be my old self again.

The stats I have read show a global increase of breast cancers since vaccine rollout. Easy to find those stats. Also huge increase of other cancers since roll out. I blame the Pfizer vaccine for my breast cancer and will never take another vaccine of any kind during what’s left of my life.

Currently cancer free but as we know with cancer we are never really free. When a government has to coerce and bribe a population into taking a drug into their body that isn’t properly tested we need to ask ourselves why?

That’s my story. I avoid discussing it with my daughters because they have had x2 vaccines (due to govt mandates so they could stay employed so they can pay their rent) because I don’t want them living their life in fear that they will become unwell and I try my hardest and hope with all my being that they do not become ill due to being made to take that Pfizer vaccine. I live in fear for my beautiful daughters and pray they have avoided any harm.

Thanks for reading. It’s been good to finally say what happened to me.