64 Kieran

I believe I may be too late to make any submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry in to the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines. However I would like to add at least to your body of information.

Firstly I am very much pro preventative traditional vaccinations. This year I have already had the Flu vaccine and am booked in for a tetanus booster.

I have received 3 of the Covid Vaccines with the last being in January /February 2022. In late February 2022 I contracted Covid but had a very mild case which had symptoms similar to a cold and lasted approximately 2-3 days. I flew with my family to Rarotonga Easter 2022 and received a negative test result both in New Zealand and also in Rarotonga. After our return from Rarotonga I decided to give my normal exercise routine a break for a month as I knew of others who had experienced some negative effects when returning to exercise after Covid too soon.

After approx. 6 weeks after being diagnosed with Covid I returned to regular exercise( approx. 2-3 x 30k cycles per week and 2-3 gym visits). I found that I became breathless and did not have the energy to do what I had always done for a number of years. I persevered and in fact changed the cycle distance from 30k x 3 times a week to 15k. I found that after a number of months I was still struggling and so visited my GP , Dr Booth in September 2022. Dr Booth Sent me to a respiratory specialist, Dr Travis at Wakefield Hospital on Friday October 21st. Dr Travis confirmed that he believed I had “long Covid” and that he thought that it would eventually disappear. I received no medication. It did disappear but it did not really disappear until late March 2023 over a year after I first experienced “long Covid” symptoms. Subsequent to my having “long Covid” I have heard numerous cases both first hand and anecdotal of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine yet I have heard nothing reported from our mainstream media which deeply concerns me.

This is the first time in my life that I can recall that I have ever experienced an adverse reaction from a vaccine As I said I am very much pro traditional vaccines. However following my own experience of Covid 19 and /or Covid 19 Pfizer MRNA vaccine I will not have any further MRNA vaccines until long term studies have been completed on its safety and efficacy.

I have been a long term beneficiary of our health system having been diagnosed with T-Cell Enteropathic Lymphoma(blood Cancer) back in February 2012 so I have always had great faith in our health system.
After my experience over the last year or so my faith has been shaken to the core.

I hope this is of some assistance in adding to your knowledge

Yours sincerely

Kieran O’Sullivan