65 Kim-Marie

Pfizer dose 1 22 September 2021
Pfizer dose 2 17 November 2021

I managed to get your email from a post my GP sent me regarding COVID-19 vaccine injury which led me down the pathway on Twitter to hear about your petition and written submission on the subject. I am happy to publicly share my story and have listed my COVID-19 vaccine injuries below.

My first mandated vaccine was 22 Sep 2021. Within 15 minutes of being forced to take the vaccine I felt unwell with rushes of adrenaline and a feeling of a potential fainting episode. Immediately following that first vaccine I spent the next week in bed with extreme exhaustion unable to resume any form of normal life, including work.

The second vaccine was 17 Nov 2021.
I did not want either vaccine.

After the second vaccine I developed a number of alarming symptoms which I will list here for you:

Within two weeks of the second vaccine I started having full menstrual cycles every two weeks with heavy bleeding lasting 5-7 days. This continued for a few months before I became anaemic and ended up having to agree to a Mirena to alleviate the anaemia and stop the constant bleeding.

The first vaccine caused insomnia, dizziness, exhaustion, ridiculously itchy skin and eyes, anxiety attacks, chest pains and heart palpitations.

The second vaccine accentuated all of the symptoms above with the added ‘privilege’ of vision disturbances, excessive hair loss, weak nails, tinnitus so loud I cannot think straight, increased heart palpitations and chest pain, severe headaches and migraines, complete exhaustion, depression, memory loss and hay fever not to mention brain fog/damaged brain cells.

I have never suffered any of these prior to the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine/s.

I had a hyperbaric oxygen chamber installed at my house for a period of 2 months which I was required to get into for an hour twice a day.

I visited a concussion specialist whom ran a number of tests and confirmed I had the same symptoms as severe concussion without the head injury.

I have been on a constant and excessively expensive journey to get well since the COVID-19 vaccines.

I have had a period of 3 months where I was unable to get out of bed, drive, walk my dogs, think straight or with any form of clarity or do anything more than a quick shower. I was unable to function in my job. After 6 months I still struggled to drive and the dizzy spells were excessive. Peripheral vision was badly damaged.

I was referred to a cardiologist prior to Christmas last year. When they found out I was having excessive heart palpitations following vaccination they made room to see me immediately regardless of the long waiting list. I believe they were concerned about myocarditis.

Nearly 20 months on and I have a long way to go to get back to pre COVID-19 vaccine health.

I am disgusted with myself for buying into the propaganda, lies and deceit. I know so many people with vaccine injury and a work colleague aged 54 dropped dead from heart issues within weeks of his second vaccine. A good friend of mine has not been able to get out of bed for 18 months as she now has POTS.

It’s relentless and the truth will eventually come out, of that I am certain.

I follow Peter McCullough and others whom have a wealth of knowledge, data and true information.

I would be happy to provide more detail if needed.

Thank you