67 Donna – affadavit


I DONNA, Legal Advisor, Hamilton swear:

1 I am making this affidavit to record important information about the post Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (“the vaccine”) injury of JAMES, Retired Mental Health Worker, New Plymouth. (“my father”)

2 James is my father. I was authorised to make this affidavit on behalf of my father. However, since his authorisation my father has died of his vaccine injuries.

3 My father was 78 years old when he passed, he had pre-existing health conditions which he had managed successfully for years prior to receiving the first dose of the vaccine. They include diabetes of 40 years, the use of a bag to assist Automated Peritoneal Dialysis and high blood pressure for which he takes a range of medication.

4 Despite my father’s medical conditions, he was fit and very active, playing bowls which, he loved and walking around our suburb which he also loved. My father cared for my mother who had dementia, and did not drink or smoke.

5 My father received his first vaccine on the 17th of June 2021 at Tui Ora Health Clinic and developed a rattled cough and heart palpitations soon after.

6 My father received his second vaccine on the 8th of July 2021 and within hours felt like he was drowning and struggling to breathe. My father was rushed to Taranaki Base Hospital Accident and Emergency (“A & E”) where he was diagnosed with fluid on the lungs and heart. The doctors adjusted his medication and bag to take the fluid out. Improvements were short lived; my father attended A & E four times with the same issue in the space of a month.

7 My father presented himself at A & E with additional pneumonia symptoms finding it difficult to breathe and very concerned it could become fatal. Due to Covid level 2, my mother, who suffers from dementia, was the only person that could visit my father due to Taranaki Base Hospital visiting policy. She was not allowed a support person and constantly got lost due to her dementia.

8 I requested authority to visit my father so I could be his advocate, it took several hours of hard negotiations and an amendment to hospital visiting procedure to allow me in to see my father.

9 I demanded a meeting with the doctors to discuss why his symptoms presented over the past month had not been investigated further. I demanded an echocardiogram which reported heart inflammation and a failing heart. My father was dis-compassionately discharged from hospital on this particular occasion.

10 My father died on the 6th July 2022, he got his booster a few months prior. He was dis-compassionately discharged from hospital for the final time after spending a couple of months in hospital fighting for his life.

11 Once he was discharged, he presented himself every day to A & E leading up to his death by ambulance because he was in so much pain.

12 Taranaki Base Hospital doctors did not give him appropriate pain relief even though I constantly requested they do so. I find the lack of care by A & E doctors disturbing. If it was not for the Ambulance officers administering my father out of hospital pain relief. My father would have suffered more than he did.

13 The Ambulance officers were shocked my father did not receive the appropriate end of life care he was entitled to. I have to wonder if it is because he was vaccine injured? and that he was classed as not being entitled to normal care? Whatever the reason, it is not good enough!

14 I asked the hospital when they dis-compassionately discharged him to refer him to hospice, this did not happen. I rang his personal doctor from Tui Ora Medical Centre based in New Plymouth, who on this particular day was not at work. The medical center also refused to refer him to hospice.

15 This traumatized all of us, we were feeling let down and abandoned by the health system that was suppose to care for my father. We as a whaanau were in limbo, and dad was still suffering in horrendous pain.

16 In the end I rang Hospice and, after a very emotional phone call they went in and advocated for my father. Finally, after days of being in limbo Hospice were able to give him pain relief several hours before he finally passed away. We as a whaanau are comforted by the knowledge that his final hours were pain free.

17 This was such a traumatic time for my father, my mother, myself as his main carer and my whaanau to witness and experience. I would not wish this type of treatment on any other whaanau.

18 We have nothing but admiration and respect for our Ambulance Officers. They told me my father received below average care and that we needed to follow up and if necessary, lay a complaint.

19 Leading up to my father’s death, he spent several hours each day waiting at A & E to be seen by a doctor. Every day we saw my father deteriorating, we saw him getting stressed and each day he got weaker and weaker until he finally passed. Unfortunately, A & E let my father down, with a lack of compassion, and a lack of care.

20 Our memory of our father’s last few days, weeks, months are not good memories due to a dysfunctional non compassionate health system.

21 My father took the vaccines because he received notification in the mail saying that he was eligible for the vaccination and believed the media and the Government that the vaccine was ‘safe and effective’. More importantly he was continually pressured by medical staff and was told if he got the vaccination, he would be ‘protecting his whakapapa’.

22 There is evidence there is an association between Vaccination and both myocarditis, pericarditis and acute kidney injury. Attached and marked “A” is a copy of the Lancet.

23 The paper reveals there is a statistically significant association between Pfizer mRNA vaccination and both Myocarditis, pericarditis and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

24 My father believed whole heartily that if he got the vaccine he was ‘protecting his whakapapa’. I asked him on his death bed why did he get the booster when the second vaccine injured him, he told me the that he truly believed he was ‘protecting his whakapapa’.

25 He told me that he wished he had listened to me because he wouldn’t be fighting for his life if he had. He told me the renal unit at the hospital, his doctor and other medical staff were constantly badgering him to get his booster. He thought they all couldn’t be wrong.

26 This was a heartbreaking moment for me and it is heartbreaking to even write his comments in this affidavit.

27 “Protect Your Whakapapa” messaging had a powerful impact on kaumatua like my father. It grabbed them hook line and sinker because their lives are revolved around the protection and preservation of their whaanau especially their mokopuna.

28 We have lost so many whaanau temporal to them receiving their vaccination. In one month for example we lost 30 whaanau members, 17 in two weeks. Maaori have been decimated since the role out of the Covid 19 vaccine.

29 I have been on a crusade to share dad’s story, to raise awareness that the Covid 19 vaccine is not safe and nor is it effective. I attended this year’s Waitangi and was silenced for daring to ask Green Party Members of Parliament if they supported a Royal Commission on the ‘safe and effectiveness’ of the Pfizer mRNA.

30 I dispute that my father gave informed consent. There was no inquiry into my father’s health history and he was not provided with a list of possible risks which we now know includes myo/pericarditis, heart inflammation, plural effusion, burning ulcers, blood clots of the lung which he suffered from.

31 My father was also not advised that the vaccine is still in the trial phase and that the safety data relating to people with chronic comorbidities such as diabetes is non-existent as stated in the Risk Management Plan (“RMP”) published on the Medsafe Website. Attached and marked “B” is a copy of the RMP.

32 The vaccine detrimentally affected my father’s health and lifestyle. He was no longer independent and could not carry out normal daily tasks. We were very scared for his wellbeing, his health deteriorated very quickly.

33 My father was discharged from Taranaki DHB after spending four months in hospital. The whaanau including my father were being pressured to send him to elderly care, my father cried and asked us to promise that we will not send him there. I made the promise that if he is going anywhere, it will be home to mum.

34 I honestly believe my father was being pressured by Taranaki Base Hospital Renal Unit to get the Covid 19 vaccine.

35 In 2021 I asked my father’s Renal Unit Nurse XXXX Practitioner at Taranaki Base Hospital to report his vaccine injury to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (“CARM”). His nurse was dismissed after raising concerns about my father’s health issues in regards to CARM.

36 It is important to point out that at one stage my father was diagnosed with Covid 19, if he had died within the 28-day period after being tested he would have been identified as a death caused by Covid but because he died after the 28-day period Taranaki Base Hospital doctors could not associate his death with Covid.

37 I believe this was purely a data capture exercise, because my father told me and he told the doctors that he didn’t have flu like symptoms or Covid 19 symptoms but he did have heart palpitations and fluid of his lungs and heart associated with his vaccine injury.

38 Information concerning mortality in 2021, 2022, and 2023 associated with vaccination status has been released by Health NZ and shows an extra 5053 deaths for 2022 compared to 1599 people dying with Covid. This data shows recipients of the booster shots have at least an 11% higher chance of dying from any cause. Attached and marked “C” is a copy of OIA deaths after vaccination.

39 I believe my father deserves justice for his medical mistreatment which eventually caused his death. I believe my whaanau deserves justice for his untimely death, this is what I seek.

Sworn at this )
day of ) ___________________________
2021 before me )

A Barrister and solicitor of the High Court
of New Zealand/ Justice of the Peace

ATTACHMENT “A” is a copy of the Lancet

ATTACHMENT “B” is a copy of the RMP

ATTACHMENT “C is a copy of the OIA deaths after vaccination