71 Derek

Age 50
Pfizer poison

Totally coerced by the bowling club I worked for.

I was considered low risk by the official government risk assessment, made all measures needed to not have contact with club members and I even offered to pay for my own RAT tests to prove I was ok but this was rejected as well, and was still forced to have this in order to make the money needed to keep house and family in a house, business from home etc.

Firstly I did everything I could to negate the effects this poison would do to me by going to the naturopath shop in Hamilton (very respected and highly recommended local business for over 30 years). I also took cocktail of vitamins etc as recommended by many REAL doctors, to minimise any effects.

The 1st jab no problem, the 2nd not good.

The next morning after having jab 2 I was totally wiped out and could barely walk etc due to the worst flu like symptoms I’ve ever had.

My heart started feeling funny about 2 weeks later. Tightness in chest constant heart burn that got bad when physically started to walk, work etc. I also have had a couple of episodes of heart going nuts and near beating out of my chest.

I’ve since spent $500 in medical bills with a visceral specialist who’s specialty organ is the heart to get heart sorted, it’s OK NOT SORTED BUT OK.

Also had long covid cough which after trying all the bullshit narrative doctors recommended still wouldn’t go until I got the NATURAL product NAC, goodbye covid cough.

My heart is still not right but it’s better and I feel I was a lucky one comparatively.