72 Julie-Alison

Dear Sir/Madam

Contained herewith is my PFIZER Comirnaty Vaccine and Injury Information

Name Julie
Age 56yrs old, DOB 12/08/1966
Vaccine Pfizer Comirnaty Dose, FK0115.
Date of dose 15th October 2021
Administration by Pharmacist

I am a New Zealand trained Comprehensive Registered Nurse with a 37 year career.
I had worked in the Isolation Ward in NMDHB prior to Sars Covid vaccination being available in New Zealand.
Initially the vaccines were encouraged within the health sector, but then Mandated by the New Zealand Government, requiring all health professionals to be Vaccinated for “Covid”.
I had previously had a reaction to the Influenza vaccine and had lodged my own CARM report.
I had concerns but as we were now mandated, made my booking for the vaccine at my local pharmacist. I had to have the vaccines to keep my nursing job.
I disclosed my flu vaccine reaction to the pharmacist, and we discussed my risk. We agreed that I stay post vaccine administration and be seated in the chemist shop. This was in case of a reaction within 15minutes post the injection administration, so any emergency management could be given.
I was surprised that all people were not required to stay post injection administration, as with all previous vaccines in either the childhood vaccine schedule, or other adult vaccines, it is standard practise.
I also requested the consent form to read and sign, but the male pharmacist/administrator said there was none.
After waiting the 15minutes for monitoring, I left and went on to work an afternoon nursing shift. Apart from a sore arm in the Left bicep where the shot had been given, I had no immediate problem.
Within 24hours, I noted a swelling of lymph glands in my left axilla and outer aspect of left breast. This swelling persisted for more than 8 months. The shot had been administered into my left arm.
Day 10 post shot:
I experienced palpitations, central chest pain, tachycardia, and an elevated BP.
I was at work and did my own observations.
The acute chest pain settled after about 15minutes, but the heaviness in central chest area continued for a few hours. At the end of the shift, I went home to bed. Did not experience further acute chestpain in the next day.
But I made an appointment to see my GP, as I wanted not only to be checked out physically, but also discuss the application for exemption for a second vaccine. This was because two vaccines were mandatory.
However, in the days prior to my appointment the Government announced that applications for exemptions for Health Professionals, now had to go to the Health Minister.

At my appointment, I was surprised to find that my GP had left, and I met a different doctor to my usual professional. She was from Oregan,USA. We discussed her experiences with Covid as a professional working in the USA, and that she could not help me with an exemption. That there was a team that gave “High Risk” individuals like myself the vaccine injection, and she could make me an appointment to have a second shot with them. That the team administers these in the Emergency Department. I refused- I teach CPR inhouse to staff, and as an advanced Level6 professional, and with my extensive senior nursing, I was not prepared to risk my health.

This Doctor, listened to my heart for Pleural Rub (A pericarditis sign), and checked my blood pressure and pulse. She did not investigate for myocarditis.
She did not organise blood tests, ECG or any other follow up. She did not investigate further for heart problems, inflammation or other acute cardiac changes.

I reported my reaction to CARM. .I did not receive a response or any communication from them.

When I listed my Flu vaccine reaction, I received a written communication from CARM acknowledging my reaction and wishing me well.

In 2022 I phoned and have my Adverse Event Number which is AEFI 051249.

I am no longer able to work in my chosen career or contribute my years of experience as a senior nurse, preceptor and educator. I could not continue to Nurse without either a second mandated shot, or an exemption.

Pre 2020 myself, and members of my family had tests for familial marfans. I do not have the genes, but my DNA is stored in a data bank overseas. I have had Cardiology assessment, and scans of heart, aorta and valves. Prior to the vaccine, I have seen my heart and watched its functioning on screen, and was in excellent Cardiac Health. Reports of this are in my medical records.

The above is written by me.
And I attest to its truth of my experience.
DATED 21st May 2023