74 Maria

I am writing this on my wife’s behalf

She suffered an extreme reaction to the second vaccine which caused Acute Liver Failure
She went through such a traumatic time and because she works in the health service she can’t get back to work as the medical profession is still asking for your up to date vaccine certificates.


Pfizer dose 2: 24 November 2021 at approx. 10am

That night Maria started to feel very ill with shakes throughout her body.
Headaches and constantly vomiting,

Thursday 25th of November 2021 Maria decided to call the 0800-helpline number because her symptoms began to get worse. They told her to call her own doctor’s surgery and go there straight away. I came home from work and took her immediately to her doctor in Kaipoi.
Dr Alex Skindle straight away examined her and asked for blood test to be carried out immediately. They also carried out ECG tests and checked her vital signs, blood
pressure, Temp etc. She was still vomiting at this stage. The blood tests came back, and her blood levels were 10 time more then what they should be. The doctor sent Maria for an Ultrasound straight away and said when that comes back, we will make a plan of Action. After the Ultrasound

Maria came back home and went straight to bed. Dr Skindle rang me (Darren) at Home later that night at approx. 7pm and said the ultrasound had come back ok but he wanted further blood tests to be done straight away the following morning (Friday 26 TH of November 2021) and to see him at 1.15pm the same day.

Friday 26 th of November 2021, I took Maria to SCL in Kaiapoi at 7.30am for blood tests. Later that day we went to see Dr Skindle at Kaiapoi heath centre. He checked the bloods and
they had gotten worse, and he said they were 100 times greater then what they should be, He said he would call the hospital straight away and see what they suggest. After speaking to the hospital, he told us that we had to go straight to Christchurch hospital where they will be waiting for us. He gave us some paperwork to take which said on its likely cause was Pfizer Vaccine.

We arrived at the hospital approx. 2.15pm that day, were sent to the AMAU Ward, again they
carried out tests on Maria, Blood tests, ECG Vitals Etc, and a doctor came to see us and said we would either stay on the AMAU ward or she would be moved to Gastro ward. I asked him what the problem was and where did this illness come from, and he also admitted it was most likely from the vaccine.

After a approx. 1 hour another doctor came to examine Maria and said she would have to be moved to Gastro as this is their speciality field, I also asked him what he thought the cause was and he again said it was the vaccine.

Later that day Maria was sent to B5 Ward Level 5 at Christchurch hospital. The Doctor said she would be put on a drip (Acetylcysteine) straight away and needs to have a routine for this treatment 4 hours then 16 hours then a further 16 hours constant with a minimum break between of 2 hours.

In between change overs they would take further bloods tests to see if here blood levels had
dropped. Maria was put on the first drip at approx. 5pm (4 hours) that day. So, she should have had the 16 hour one at between 9pm or 11pm.

Saturday 26 th of November 2021 I went to see Maria at approx. 3pm and she had the drip
(Acetylcysteine) in, I said when did they put this in, she said not till 10am that morning???? It had been left for 11 hours ???, (So now this second Drip should be changed in 16 hours’ time, approx. 3am Sunday morning)

This was the first incompetence mistake. I asked the Nurse why this wasn’t done, and she said she couldn’t tell me as she had only just come onto her shift, and it was the nurses before her. I asked the Nurse what was happening, and she said she couldn’t tell me much as they were still carrying out tests on Maria, she said Maria had an Ultrasound that day and was waiting on results back, she couldn’t tell me anymore.

Sunday 28 th of November 2021

I tried calling the hospital six times that morning, On the fourth time a lady answered who couldn’t speak very good English and I asked her how Maria was she said I will check for you , But instead of putting me on hold she cut me off , On the fifth time I spoke to the Patient services and told them what was happening , I asked was there something wrong with the phone lines , He said I will put you through to another number , Which he did , but it went straight to an Answering machine , I left a message and asked if a doctor or nurse could ring me as I was getting worried. Nobody called me back, so I decided to go to the hospital at 11 am (Visiting times).

When I got there I noticed Maria wasn’t on the drip again I said to her why not, and she said the nurses again forgot , She said the Doctor came around earlier and said that her blood levels had increased again and this may be due to not being in the routine for the drip changes She demanded that is was done straight away , She said to the nurses why hasn’t this been done and they said it was a mistake .The doctor wrote on Marias files BACK TO BACK Treatment.

The Drip (Acetylcysteine) was put in again at 11.15 am Sunday 28/11/21 as I was there at the time this happened, so according to this now it should be changed again at approx. 3.15 am Monday morning.

I Rang the Hospital On Monday at 3.30am and spoke to the nurse on duty at Christchurch hospital and I asked her if the drip had been changed, she said yes it was done at 3.00am.I visited Maria later that day and while I was there the Doctor came in and said that Marias blood levels had dropped again to 2,000 and if she wanted she could go home , But I refused because I didn’t think she looked well enough. The Doctor said OK she can stay in another night.

On Tuesday 30 th of November I went to pick Maria up at 9am and the Nurse said the Doctor was coming to see Maria before she can leave, The Doctor arrived at 10,30am (Russell John) and he said Maria can go home as her bloods had come down again to 600, he said he would proscribe for her Tramadol for the headaches, Tablets for her Potassium Levels and also tablets for Nausea,