75 Paul


56yrs old
Pfizer vaccine
Only got vaccinated to protect whanau and to do things other non-vaccinated weren’t allowed to. Felt I had been tricked and under duress.

1st jab.

Arm was like I’d been punched in it about 10 hours after.” Lasted for around 4 days. Had what I call a migraine hangover for three days. Left wrist – same arm as injection swelled up from 3rd day after injection. Was doing sanding and it slowly got sore. Still not 100% right 9 weeks after 1st injection. I get gout in my feet and felt like that.

Tried the pills that work on my feet but no relief. After around 10 days, tried panadol and that provided some relief and then it started to improve. Day after jab, thigh muscles tensed up like I had run a marathon, really sore and hard. Came right after four days. Had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen on day six. Came right after a couple of minutes. Had it twice that day but has not reoccurred.

2nd jab

Arm sore again but felt more like muscle exercise sore. Thigh muscles by groin sore, not as bad and did not last as long as last time. Swelling behind right knee occurred the day after and lasted two days. Panadol seemed to help. Never had swelling there before. Same knee would sometimes shoot pain when I weighted it for up to six weeks after jab. Have not had this pain before – but have had other pain previously. Migraine hangover again. Started getting pins and needles in left arm.

Still occurring six weeks after 2nd jab.

Heart has felt sore at least 3 times around six week period.
Blood pressure has increased about 10 on the high reading, 5 on the low reading. Going to see the doctor in about 4 weeks as work demands going to get high from now. Not keen to get another jab if that’s what the government or work wants. I feel the vaccine has put extra stress on my heart and caused an increase in inflammation above what is usually present.

Nine and a half weeks after second jab, finally got some blood pressure readings similar to pre-jab. Have a doctors appointment in 8 days.
10.5 weeks after 2nd jab, blood pressure returning to normal pre-jab levels – getting the odd high reading but becoming less frequent.

Doctor said it looks like I got “the works” from the injections. Wrist diagnosed as carple tunnel.

Jan 2022, (around 5 months after second jab) wrist pretty much back to normal, well in the 90% range.

Feb 2022, wrist flared up for one day. Came right with rest.