76 Annie

Annie Age 52

I had health insurance, so I am lucky – not one doctor listened or wrote that I said I knew it’s the injection from Covid

Experiences of being gaslighted by doctors or hospitals; – No one will even raise their head or listen to me at all.

I did not want the injections but was mandated and I have a mortgage to pay. It is a crime.

I am still sick, My husband’s tumours have grown, and my friends are dying with tumours and cysts. I know of 3 young women who are infertile now and cysts on their ovaries.

After my 2nd Pfizer covid vaccine, tumours in my fibroids that have been there for years blew up and kept growing until I had to have surgery.

My left ovary was so big it took hours to get out when I had only had polycystic ovaries before that

I know that the injection made me have a full hysterectomy and has made me feel tired sick and in menopause without a seat belt
2.5 kgs