78 Sarah

Name Sarah
Age 39
Pfizer/BioNTech 19/10/21

I was 100% coerced into putting this into my body.

I have underlying health issues and my husband and I were not convinced I should do it.

Unfortunately with the threat of not being able to enter my children’s school I succumbed to the pressure.

Straight away I started to react, my arm started to itch (to this day I’m still very itchy in the area)

The next day I woke with terrible cramps and could not sleep, I then started to menstruate late on the 20th and it continued for 63 days. I was also vomiting profusely. In that time the GP gave me “blood stoppers” which only made the vomiting worse.

My husband set up a bed in the lounge for me and that’s pretty much where I stayed for 9 months.

The bleeding would stop for a couple of days then be back for 23/17/42/5/12 days.

To this day my menstruation cycle is all over the place the pain is worse, in my stomach and sciatica and now my short term memory is suffering, to the point I’m struggling to do my job.

My kids are constantly concerned about mummy being sick and my poor husband is very concerned.