79 Andrew

Andrew Fergus

DOB April 1968
Pfizer one dose
Moderna one dose

The Pfizer jab gave me heart palpitations. No-one listened to my concerns and I refused the second Pfizer jab.

I received the first jab (Pfizer) much like every one else in 2020. I went home feeling ok. Within 2 hours I developed persistent heart palpitations that would not subside. I was having an abnormal heart beat on about every 5th or 6th beat.

I didn’t want to bother the hospital and tie up resources (or risk getting more ill) so I thought the best thing to do would be to drink lots of water and sleep it off. For context I have had palpitations some years prior when under extreme stress. I made the decision in 2016 to live a low stress & low caffeine life and had not experienced any palpitations for some years. Hence the reason I had a relaxed attitude towards my event – I knew what palpitations were and (sort of) how to make them go away.

So I went to bed, slept it off, and continued to have minor palpitations over the next few weeks. I reported the event to CARM some time later and saw my GP. Because I did not present to hospital, l was refused an exemption from the second jab. My work forced me to get another jab or risk losing my job.

After seeing another GP he prescribed the Moderna jab which I had, and I did not have any issues whatsoever with that jab. The only person who took my complaint seriously was the second GP – none of the first GP, my extended family, my employer or the Ministry of Health took my concerns seriously. It was very frustrating.

I know my own body and the palpitations were a direct result of the Pfizer jab. I will refuse any such mandated jab in future for fear there has been insufficient research into the side effects of these fast tracked treatments. I am working on my fitness and I now self-medicate blood thinners and the palpitations have almost completely gone.