81 John

John (66 yrs) – submission written by Judy (his wife) on behalf of John

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 29th August 2021

John would normally not get any vaccine or even visit a health professional unless he was extremely ill. Prior to the vaccine he was only on medication for gout.

Two days after the vaccine symptoms, of what we now know as ANCA, Vasculitis began. We presumed it was achy joints from the vaccine. These came and went, affecting different parts of the body. After 3 trips to the local GP, he was thankfully referred to a specialist at the Dunedin Hospital. By this stage he struggled to eat, walk, use his arms, night sweats, his eyes, sinus breathing was also affected. He was starting to have blood in his urine.

He was admitted to hospital on the same day as the appointment 10/11/21. We were told by the specialist that he was in a very serious condition.

He was immediately given steroids intravenously. After he was discharged, he was sent to the Oncology Day unit. He was given light doses of chemo, after 8 sessions the disease returned, and alternative medication was given. He had 2 doses of Rituximab.

He now has about 8 different medications to take, and it was monthly hospital visits which are now 2 to 3 monthly and frequent blood tests.

When first diagnosed his ANCA level was over 3000, higher than what was able to be registered.

His local GP was quite sure the vaccine set off his illness but interestingly enough rang before we went to hospital and changed what he said to be less certain and just may have contributed followed by an apology.

On his hospital discharge under “adverse drug reaction” it is written Pfizer covid vaccine [which we found rather interesting].

We have had to downsize our farm so he can cope but he is doing really well. We are so grateful to our GP and hospital team for a quick diagnosis and action plan. We are in no doubt that this illness was caused by the vaccine.

He was given the second vaccine while in hospital under the instruction of the specialist, but all those symptoms started retuning 2 days later.

Any question please feel free to make contact,

Judy and John