82 Therese

Pfizer 2 doses

My name is Therese and I am 61 years old.

Within 2 weeks of having the second COVID vaccination in 2022 I became unwell and ended up in hospital.

After lots of tests it was discovered that I had an auto immune disease- Anti GBM which within a short period of time destroyed my kidneys.

Anti GBM affects one in one million people ,I was told. I happen to know of a lady living with a few kilometres of me who has the same disease.

Since becoming sick I have had to have extensive treatment and have been on dialysis since.

I have not been able to return to my job which was managing an Early Childcare Centre. I felt enormous pressure to have the vaccinations to keep my job and now I don’t have a job and am unable to work in my field.

During my stay in hospital I came under pressure via personal visits and phone calls to have further vaccinations. I refused as I was too scared. When I brought up my concerns about the vaccination being the cause of my disease I was fobbed off and even laughed at.

I am in renal failure and hoping to get onto the transplant list to receive a kidney. Kind Regards Therese