83 Aimee

Aimee (46yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 15th October 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech 26th November 2021

I never wanted to have the covid jabs, I wasn’t mandated or forced by my work, but I definitely felt coerced by some of my family members, my employer was saying people may lose their jobs, and I was worried being a single mum that I might lose my job, I was separated from my ex just a year before and I’d heard stories about children being taken from their parents if they didn’t get vaccinated. I also felt judgement from other parents at my kids’ school when I said I didn’t want the jabs. I have never felt so lonely in my life, I feared that I would be alienated by my family, and I was so scared for myself and my daughters that I could have them taken from me.
I had my first dose on 15th October of 2021, and the second on 26th November 2021.

Within 1-2 days of my first dose, I started feeling intense pressure in my chest, like my heart was being squeezed, it was hard to breathe, and I felt exhausted all the time. Even simple physical tasks at my job were too much for me and I’d have to stop and sit down, completely out of breath. I was so upset that I’d had the jab and this had happened to me!

I was hesitant to go to a doctor as I feared I wouldn’t be believed because any time I mentioned it to family they said I was probably anxious and would be fine.

One day at work, two weeks after my first jab, I was at work and started having intense pain when I was breathing, it wasn’t going away even after resting, and I was scared that something really bad would happen to me. So, I rang Healthline and asked their advice. I told the lady on the phone my symptoms and that I had had the jab about two weeks prior, and how long my symptoms had been going on for. She said to me that it sounded like an adverse reaction to the vaccine and that I should head straight to the A&E.

Once I was at the hospital one of the nurses also said that it sounded like a possible reaction to the jab, she said there were quite a few people coming through with similar symptoms, lots of heart issues and they were extremely busy.

They hooked me up to a heart monitor, took bloods and I had a chest x-ray, after these tests they said I was all clear and the doctor told me that I probably just had anxiety (I told him that I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was 8 years old and this was not anxiety). I felt like they weren’t doing all the tests they could and that I was wasting their time and overreacting.

They never referred me to have other tests or to see a cardiologist, even though I have a preexisting heart condition of SVT.

Then after my second jab I experienced menopausal bleeding, after not having my period for over 3 years (I went through an early menopause) and I bled for 2days, very heavily with big clots which was really scary. I never shared this with anyone till 2023 as I feared no one would believe me again anyway.

I went to see two other GP’s after that day at the hospital and they both of them didn’t listen to me either, they were still saying my symptoms were caused by either anxiety or Asthma (the tests showed I didn’t have asthma) and they both said a cardiologist wouldn’t see me.

So I finally contacted NZDSOS in early 2022 and saw a lovely doctor, who listened to me, and helped me. She said that it sounded like I had pericarditis from the description of all my symptoms. I was put on a course of steroids and ivermectin and I also followed a natural detox program that they suggested to help.

To this day some family members and people I know still don’t believe that I had an adverse reaction.
I do not trust doctors anymore at all, and I will never ever let anyone coerce me into anything ever again.

And this experience has forever changed relationships that I have/had.

I didn’t keep any of the paperwork unfortunately from the hospital or doctors because I was so upset, I just wanted to leave it all behind me, if they wouldn’t help me then I would just help myself.
But I’ve decided to share my story now as I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, and I would like people to be more aware of what is going on, what’s happening in NZ with these jabs and the mandates, the coercion, the gaslighting and the mis treatment of fellow human beings is not ok.

If my story can make a difference, then it’s worth telling.