84 Christine

Name: Christine (69 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer

My partner was mandated which intensified the pressure on me to have it well. I was also informed I would not be able to join any of his family’s gatherings without it. So, against my gut feeling and better judgement, I got a single dose.

On day of vaccination, I initially had splitting headache that couldn’t be soothed. A few hours later I had heart palpitations. I went from caring for and running after my then almost one year old, to not being able to move without being out of breath and my heart rate rising significantly.

I had heart pain. Felt like my heart was heavy in my body. My heart would beat hard. Arm pain that radiated from my hand to heart and into jaw. I had pins and needles in my hands and feet. Reoccurring headaches. Fatigue, but hard to sleep as my heart would jolt me awake. Vertigo. Feeling faint.

I went from just pre diabetic to diabetic very quickly. I developed kidney issues.

One and half years later I still continue to have a raised heart rate at all times. I have to be careful with my physical activity so as not to raise my heart rate too high.

I had a heart episode. Saw GP who stated it was from the vaccine. Told it would go away, but to come back if it didn’t.

Went to A and E on a weekend. Told I was fine and that the vaccine has just made my brain recognise my heart beating more than it used to.

Went back to GP and they said they would report to CARM. They referred me to a private cardiologist. The cardiologist said they had seen it many times since the vaccine and believed that over time it would settle. They did a holter monitor and sent me for an ECG. The results confirmed raised heart rate and ectopic beats. I was also advised my autonomic nervous system has been affected and that I need to teach my heart how to beat appropriately again. For example, not going fast when it didn’t need to.

I was told there was no way of knowing how long it could take to improve. Maybe two years, maybe longer.

I am currently working with functional Doctor around heart, kidneys and diabetes.

I reported to CARM as did the GP.