90 Rachel


Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech September 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech 9th July 2021 Batch FC5029005

In September 2021 I went and had my first covid vax.

As I was sitting in the pharmacy where vax was administered, my tongue went numb. I told the lady at the counter, and she said it should be ok but if it got worse to get hold of my Dr.

I went home and rested as I didn’t feel that great. The next day when I got up, my body was really sore, I was extremely tired, with a sore arm and it felt like my fibromyalgia had gone into a major flare up, it then proceeded to get worse over the next few weeks. This was one of my biggest fears I had about the vax with my preexisting condition, and I didn’t want to have it, but with mandates and work, I had no choice.

When I went into the pharmacy, I was walking unaided and in good health. By the end of the first week, I had a lot of inflammation in the mid region of my body and was finding it hard to walk and my pain was still increasing.

By week three, I got very unwell one night that led me to go to hospital, where I was diagnosed with diverticulitis for the first time in my life. On the same week I was in hospital – I was meant to start a new job my whole reason for having the vax. I put off starting my new job for a couple of weeks due to the fact I was so unwell from the vax.

Once I started my new job, my body pains were getting worse after only being there for a couple of weeks. My hips were getting really bad. I went to the Dr who advised me I had Bursitis in both hips. I started having steroid injections in them which didn’t help. I got worse to the point where by February 2022 I ended up back in hospital with L5 Nerve Root Compression. I was unable to walk, unable to sit, I was bedridden for two weeks and in hospital with a nightmare experience. I was thrown out and sent home and I was still bedridden with no help, apart from my husband, who had to keep working a full-time job and no income from me coming in as I had no sick leave.

I ended up losing my job on medical grounds because I was not able to walk unaided, was still in a lot of pain and very fatigued. That was in March 2022 and my life and my husband’s life has been turned upside down. Going down to one income and trying to recover with strange feelings in my legs, that were driving me crazy. It was like a tens machine on full – this is about the only way I can describe it, along with numbness and tingling burning stinging and zapping.

I now live with right foot drop, issues with lifting my leg and when walking my leg kicks out to the side, so I trip on my walker and crutches. This makes life very hard to get around.

On top of this I have now been diagnosed with hip impingements both AFI and ischiofemoral impingement. Because of this, when I sit down it feels like I have a BIG cricket ball under my ass, which makes sitting very hard. I have zapping and electric waves going down my legs when I’m sitting, making my legs need to move all the time. I now take wheelchair cousins everywhere with me just so I can sit. If I am going on trips anywhere that is longer than 30 minutes, I have to get out of the car as my legs and ass are going crazy. I can’t drive a manual car anymore and struggle with automatics. I have to use cruise control, or I can’t drive far at all.

Within weeks of receiving the vax, I developed brucite’s in both hips, making it impossible for me to sleep. I’m a side sleeper so this is very painful, and I can’t get rid of the inflammation in my body.

My fatigue levels are through the roof. I struggle all day and feel so tired and drained. The brain fog is really severe, and I find it very difficult to complete normal daily tasks.

I have also developed tremors, with my head going into crazy shaking, then my body follows, and this causes vision issues, migraines, my neck is extremely sore from it and feels like it wants to spasm all the time. I need to be careful how I hold my head and I have very bad memory problems now.

I have also been getting recurring infections with cysts boils etc. For a good year, I have also had an itchy skin rash. I have a cough that comes with a lot of phlegm that chokes me, which Drs have tried to treat but it won’t go away, this has been since having covid in May 2022.

And of course, with all this going on I have major depression and still can’t work it now being May 2023. This has caused issues within my marriage, as my husband has also had two heart attacks from the jab too, so with life as it is, all of this causes a lot of stress within the marriage.

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, and I have had a hard life before the vax, now its 10× harder and I have had suicidal thoughts because of this.

My life is now being stuck at home most of the time, with no one until my husband gets home. I have become very anxious about being around people and being a burden because I can’t do most things now.

My life has been ruined by the government and them forcing us to have their poison.